The Test of the Cook closes forever, Isoardi moved

The Test of the Cook closes forever, Isoardi moved

Elisa Isoardi is moved in the last episode of the Chef's Test: the Rai show closes forever

Elisa Isoardi is moved by the last episode of The Cook's Proof which marks the end of the program. The broadcast created by Clerici twenty years ago will no longer be on the Rai schedule, but will be replaced by a new show by Antonella. Elisa's final leave, as was to be expected, was very exciting. The presenter, joined by Claudio Lippi, greeted the viewers and thanked all the staff of the program.

"I thank all the studio, the direction, the photography, make-up and wig – said Isoardi – and then again the scenography, the furniture, what you see around us, the service kitchen, the tooling and the Rai production , Endemol and many others. I greet the whole family who have been implementing this program with passion for twenty years. " Just before announcing the winner of the red or green tomato challenge, the presenter added: “You have been fantastic, today I am not crying strangely, perhaps because I still have to realize what it is. I'm sorry because it was beautiful, because it was twenty years old and because I carry everyone's smile in my heart. Thanks for what you have given me, I hope this is a goodbye and not a goodbye ".

Shortly afterwards, however, the clip with the chefs' greeting touched Elisa who was also honored by Claudio Lippi. “We all experienced in a very sad way the fact that we did not arrive on October 3 – the conductor admitted -. A special thanks to Elisa, with whom not only a friendship was born, but a great relationship. "

Instead of the Test of the Cook, which closes its doors forever, Antonella Clerici's new program will air, set in her home in the woods where she lives with her daughter Maelle and her partner Vittorio Garrone. Elisa Isoardi's future, on the other hand, remains uncertain: according to rumors, Salvini's ex-partner will land at the helm of Check-up, a historic health broadcast that should air once a week. For now it is only a hypothesis since it has not been confirmed by Rai and not even by the direct interested party.

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