The "thousand" uses of lipsticks: find out how to use them all over your face

The "thousand" uses of lipsticks: find out how to use them all over your face

Lipstick is one of the most used cosmetics because it immediately changes any look. What if we could use it in other, less conventional ways?

How many times have you ever left home with only a little mascara and a nice lipstick? It is undoubtedly a perfect cosmetic to give the twist to a very simple make-up, making us feel immediately tidy and full of color or elegant. In fact, a red or fuchsia lipstick is enough on a gray day to bring a bit of joy to our look or a beautiful nude, elegant and refined, for a more sophisticated makeup suitable for any occasion.

But if you want to experiment or you're just in a hurry and you don't have time to apply it rigorously, here are some of the alternative uses of lipstick revealed!

Stick lipstick with lip balm

Putting lipstick on is almost an art, especially for those opaque and dark for which it takes a lot of precision. And if to help us you can use a small brush and then clean the edges with a little concealer, you don't always have the time to apply it perfectly. But if you still want to give some color to your lips, just apply the lipstick in a coarse way and then pass on a lip balm. You will thus have a moisturizing treatment, given by the cocoa butter but with the bright color of a lipstick! Furthermore, the fullness of the color can be modulated, just apply a little more lipstick and then blend it, even with your fingers, and it will blend perfectly with the balm. Also try with the gloss.

Lipstick in stick as blush

If you are racing or for a perfect travel beauty, you can leave a brush and blush at home and use lipstick directly. To prefer the cream or opaque formulas, but not too dry and colors suitable to be used on the cheeks. Just smudge your fingers with a little lipstick (a little!), Dab it in the middle of the cheeks and then blend it by dabbing it to melt it with the foundation. You can help yourself with a sponge and if you overdo it, don't worry! You can add some foundation to spread the whole thing well and soften the color.

Liquid lipstick as an eyeliner

We know well how beautiful liquid lipsticks are, with that super matt texture, velvet effect and they are also very comfortable given the extreme durability. Then some colors are really special, so much so that you would want to use them also on the eyes. Who said you can't do it? Liquid lipsticks are perfect to use also as eyeliner, to give a touch of color to the classic winged liner with the tail facing outwards. Just prepare the eye with a good base, such as a covering concealer fixed with face powder or a primer, so that the lipstick is not in contact with the skin, because it may slightly stain it. Then take an eyeliner brush of your choice (the easiest to use are the angled ones) and trace your line just as if you were using a classic eyeliner. If the line is not very precise and is a bit smudged, with another clean brush and a bit of makeup remover or corrector, clean the edges, for a super sharp effect!

In this case I used Mama Not from ClioMakeup Shop's Liquid Love on the lips and as an eyeliner!

Liquid lipstick as a base for eye shadow

Another alternative use of liquid lipsticks is as a basis for long-lasting colored eye makeup. In fact, given the long lasting power of these lipsticks, applying them on the eyelid will make the makeup last much longer. As always, first prepare the eyelid with a primer, then apply a small amount of liquid lipstick and quickly blend with your fingers or a gradient brush to spread the edges. Proceed first on one eye and then on the other, so that the formula does not dry out and does not stain. Apply it a little at a time, because you are always in time to add more color but to remove it, if you have applied too much, you will need to remove make-up. Now you can have fun with top coat eye shadows with a thousand reflections or build your eye makeup with the colors you prefer!

Have you ever tried these alternative uses of lipstick? And which ones do you know?

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