The tight: the groom suit par excellence

The tight: the groom suit par excellence

When to choose it, the rules of etiquette and the advice of the wedding planner

Hi Alessandra, I am Raffaella and in February of next year I will get married. I would like a very elegant church wedding and I have a long dress and trawl veil. I would also like my boyfriend to wear the ceremony suit par excellence: the tight.
My mother reproaches me that this choice of mine would oblige the male guests, especially the witnesses, to adapt in the choice of the dress.
Is this so? Can it be an inelegant imposition for witnesses and guests?

Dear Raffaella,
the tight is the groom suit par excellence. It matches perfectly with the dress you have chosen, long and with a trailing veil.
However, according to the strictest etiquette, it is a day suit (in English it is called morning suit) and should be worn only for ceremonies by 12 noon. Today the wedding etiquette is not so binding, but never wear it after the 18.
The jacket, anthracite or black, follows the sides and has only one button: short in front, with two tails up to the knee, it must be worn strictly buttoned.
The trousers are gray, just pinstriped, with a straight cut, without turn-ups or loops, because it should be worn without belts, but with straps.
The vest, single or double-breasted, in gray or beige satin.
White shirt with a stiff collar and cuffs with cufflinks; gray silk plastron stopped with a tie pin, replaceable by an ascot or a silk tie with a Windsor knot.
Black or gray stockings up to the knee, smooth black Oxford shoes.
Mandatory by stick etiquette and gray cylinder, never to be worn during the ceremony.
The rule is that the groom who chooses this dress should have all the invited men in tight.
More commonly, however, only the witnesses and the dads follow the groom's choice, often also the brothers. Obviously traditions are never strict rules: so for the other guests the classic dark suit, shirt and tie is fine.
This is why I do not consider it an inelegant imposition, but an excellent choice of taste and refinement. Obviously the whole marriage will have to be in line with this very formal choice.
Quietly calm your mother and enjoy your future husband in a beautiful tight, as long as it is tall and slender.
See you soon

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