The time you will spend with your children is the most precious thing in the world

The time you will spend with your children is the most precious thing in the world

Being a mother puts us in front of many questions, fears, doubts and existential questions. But it is in the time we spend with our children that we can find all the answers

Being a mom is wonderful, it’s tiring and complicated. Being a mother means that we will spend sleepless nights, that we will worry about our children, that we will always be apprehensive. It means that we will spend the rest of our lives putting his good and his needs before ours.

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Dirty diapers, strollers in the corridors, high chairs in the car that take up space. And then, again, toys scattered throughout the house. There will be times when our patience will exceed all limits, when we will feel all certainty waver. Because we will be tired and exhausted.

But we just need to look them in the eyes, caress their skin and smell their perfume to create the most beautiful memories of a lifetime. Because those moments, even if seemingly simple and meaningless, are actually the ones that give meaning to our life. The same ones that no one can ever take away from us.

These are the afternoons of play during which we too become a bit of a child. They are the ones where we eat together, shake hands and laugh, while the heart beats strongly in the chest with happiness. They are the same ones during which we forget the problems, worries and fears, where the obsession of being perfect parents gives way to the magic of the bond that exists between mother and child.

And it is clear that fear returns to peep every time we fail to give ourselves the answers on that one question that perhaps will never have it: how do we manage to be good mothers? How can we teach our little ones empathy, courage, respect? How can we transform them into the great and extraordinary men and women of tomorrow?

We ask ourselves this every time we watch them sleep, so small and defenseless, or we watch them play while putting into action the greatest creative skills they have. When they talk and they begin to tell us the shape of their extraordinary dreams that change day by day.

It is precisely in these moments that we realize that we are already doing that task we are afraid of not carrying out. We do it because we listen to them, because we talk to them, because we trust them. Because we dedicate our time to it. And isn’t that what we are called to do after all? Simply, to be there.

Being a mother means many things. It means learning to be patient, humble and kind, sweet and severe, just and permissive. It means taking our children by the hand and accompanying them to discover the world out there, but above all it means starting to build a story made of emotions and feelings, love and respect thanks to all the moments we spend with them.

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