The trendiest summer looks of the moment are these and you will love them madly!

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The trendiest summer looks of the moment are fresh, new and bring with them all the fashion of 2022. Want to know what they are? Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you how to make them perfectly!

For summer 2022, street fashion speaks clearly and says something new. Trends have changed and have incorporated aspects typically 2022. Cut-out cuts, crochet work, lace-up sandals and straw accessories are the elements that we will find in our looks. But how to make these outfits to perfection?

Trendy summer look

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2022 is the real year of the recovery of the entire fashion industry. After two years of stalemate due to the events that have affected the entire world population, fashion is reborn, and it does so with many new features.

But since there are so many innovations introduced it becomes more and more difficult to be able to create outfits in step with trends without tripping over the tacky or style mistake.

For this reason we are here CheWomanto help you with any stylistic situation that arises. Let’s create 3 summer looks together that present the latest summer news! Let’s begin!

The trendiest summer looks of the moment are these. Here’s how to make them!

Before seeing specifically the 3 trendy looks of summer 2022 we must make a clarification. Each trend must be used starting from our personal tastes in terms of fashion. Always mix trends with your style. Only in this way will you be true fashion gurus!

Trendy summer look

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Let’s get to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see what they are the 3 trendiest summer looks of the moment:

  • crochet suit: it’s not a cover-up but a real city outfit. This is a full-body suit made up of a crop top and a high-waisted skirt up to below the knee. To be closed with a lace-up sandal and straw bag.
  • slip dress: full silk! Whether it is a dress or a midi skirt, the silk fabric must be present in our everyday looks. For example, black slip dress up to the ankles, white canvas sneakers and shoulder bag!
  • flare vest and trousers: a new summer trend recovers the winter one, and it is the suit consisting of a man-cut waistcoat and wide trousers. In winter we saw how trendy the suit consisting of jacket and men’s cut trousers was. For the summer of 2022 this trend will be revised, adapting it to the summer. By the way, which bag are you? A personality for each model!

Trendy summer look

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This branded style guide ends here for today too CheWoman!

See you next style guide! To keep up with all the news of the moment!

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