The trending baby girl names for 2021

The trending baby girl names for 2021

The choice of the name for one's daughter is an important moment for future parents, so many choices between the most fashionable options and the news

When you are about to become a parent, choosing your child's name is never easy, unless you are already very clear about it. You can look for options that have meaning for parents, or that create a link with the past, or you can focus on less common and alternative choices.

The trendiest names for baby girls in 2021 are a mix of classic and novelty.

Future parents who have discovered they are expecting a baby can choose names like Olivia, Viola, Ava, Carlotta, Amelia and Mia. Among those, on the other hand, that have been more trendy in Italy in recent years, we can mention Sofia, Giulia, Aurora, Alice and Ginevra. All options that have been in fashion for some years and that seem to continue to be among the most popular.

Among the possibilities mentioned there are also some of the names chosen by the VIPs that often become trendy: in addition to Isabel and Carlotta, we can remember Daisy Dove and Grace.

If you want to opt for a shorter name, Mia is undoubtedly among the trendiest choices at the moment and which derives from the classic Maria, but without forgetting Cloe in vogue for some time. Zoe now a great classic for parents who prefer short choices and also Bella, short for Isabella, just like Rita is for Margherita. Ada is also a name that has been increasingly used over the years. Less heard recently but very beautiful, however, are the names Nora, Vera and Anna.

If, on the other hand, the choice of the name passes through its meaning then here is what the trendy ones express. Sofia is the one who is wise, while Giulia who is descended from Jupiter, Aurora radiant – luminous, Alice of noble and beautiful appearance and Guinevere white spirit. Among those most loved abroad and trendy also in Italy Olivia the fruit of the olive tree, Ava thanksgiving, Carlotta free person, Amelia active and hardworking. For those who want their daughter's name to mean hope, there are several options such as Nada and Nadia or Elpide.

Definitely choosing a name for your baby girl is not easy, because it is an important step for parents. The important thing, if you do not have clear ideas, is not to be in a hurry and calmly sift through all the possible options, from the most fashionable ones to those that have a special meaning for future moms and dads.

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