The trending baby girl names for 2022

The trending baby girl names for 2022

Are you going to have a baby girl? Check out the hottest names for 2022: original, curious, inspired by mythology or great classics

What are the trending baby girl names for 2022? For women who are about to become mothers of a beautiful girl, it is time to start taking a look at the trends: by now, many curious names have been cleared, and not only Italian, but also foreign or even invented. Of course, there are those names that are a bit of the great classics, such as Giulia, Martina and Sofia, who like them so much and always sound good.

Baby girl names 2022: the trends of the moment

What is in a name, Shakespeare wrote in unsuspecting times, and it is a very true question: what is in a name, if not the meaning we have long sought? Original names, full of that emotion and feeling that we have kept for nine months, waiting to meet a new “person”, our magnificent child.

Curious names for girls born in 2022

We could not fail to open the ranking of curious and original female names in vogue in 2022 with one of the most beautiful ever: Frida. More and more chosen, many women have suffered the charm following the fame of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. But there is no shortage of names like Penelope, which derives from the Greek, and is very particular.

Another beautiful name that mothers can note and that is trendy in 2022 is Maia: her origins are Greek-Latin, and the meaning is certainly important, because it translates as “nurse, mother, creator”. A very common name in recent times, but still curious and original, is certainly Sole, which is often composed together with Maria.

Italian names for girls born in 2022

Among the most common Italian names for girls, we certainly find Sofia, Martina, Giulia and Aurora. In 2022, however, it seems that there will also be an increase in the names Alice, Vittoria, Emma, ​​Greta, Beatrice and Giorgia. In some way, we want to give a “royal” name, important, which has not only a meaning, but which represents the great queens of the past. It is no coincidence, in fact, that one of the most popular names of 2021 was Geneva, with its great aristocratic value.

Foreign names for girls born in 2022

Some mothers look for the melody and the sound from overseas, and this is how foreign names will have their trend in 2022. Among the most common, it is practically impossible not to mention Emily, as well as Isabel or Miriam. For a while, Jennifer was a great classic: many moms chose him, as did Winona or Violet. In recent times, however, there is also a desire to name little girls after modern Princesses, from Kate to Charlene.

Mythological names for little girls born in 2022

From Aphrodite, who is the Goddess of Love, to Diana, the Latin name of Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, it is impossible to resist the call of names inspired by the Greek gods. Yes, we are faced with important names, which do not go unnoticed: we have Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth (and who is also the mother of Zeus), as well as Venus, the Latin name of Aphrodite. Finally, in trend there are also Maia, the mother of the Titans, and Irene, the Goddess of Peace.

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