The trending baby names for 2021

The trending baby names for 2021

Choosing the name for your baby is a moment full of emotions for future parents, between classic and more fashionable options

One of the most important moments in a couple's life during pregnancy is without a doubt that of choosing the name of their child. Of course, nothing to do with the various visits, but establishing the name of the child is also an important step full of emotions.

To do this, you can focus on the most trendy ones, or on the names used by the stars. For those who are more tied to traditions, you can always choose from the most important ones within your family. One thing is certain: whatever the choice, the child will have to live with that name for life.

But which are the trending ones for 2021? Those who want to opt for a very classic choice can evaluate names that, for years now, have been among those most chosen by new parents. Among these we cannot fail to mention Leonardo, Francesco, Alessandro and Lorenzo. But Andrea, Niccolò, Filippo, Tommaso and Gabriele cannot be forgotten either. All these options are among those that are the most popular among Italian families.

If you are looking for a shorter name, which cannot be abbreviated with nicknames, you can turn to options such as Aeneas, Noah, the classic Luca and Elia. If you look, instead, at the trends dictated by the stars, you can opt for Leone, Isaac, Nathan or River.

Among the lesser used names in recent years for a boy there are several interesting options for future parents such as Giole, Juri, Valerio or Roberto.

For those looking for a boy's name based on its meaning, it is good to know that Leonardo means strong as a lion, Francesco can mean both belonging to the Franks and free, Alexander the protector of men and Lorenzo the one who is girded with laurel. Andrea, on the other hand, means man, while Niccolò winner of the people, Philip is the one who loves horses, Thomas the twin and Gabriel the strength of God.

Some of these, if you like, can be chosen in the foreign version.

What is certain is that the choice of the name for one's own boy or girl must be made in a thoughtful way. You can follow your instinct, decide to move towards more classic names or opt for those that have a meaning for your family.

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