The trending baby names for 2022

The trending baby names for 2022

What are the trending baby names for 2022: from the Italian ones to the most curious, there is no shortage of foreigners and mythological ones

What are the baby names that will be trending in 2022? There are moments full of meaning and emotion in the life of a woman who is about to become a mother: one of the best, the most significant is when you choose the name of your child. For 2022, we can evaluate important names: Italian, foreign, curious, original and even of mythological origin.

Baby names 2022: the trends of the moment

The name is what accompanies us throughout our life, and it is never easy to choose it for future mothers. Indeed, sometimes we are undecided. According to the trends, however, we can expect an increase in male names such as Leonardo, Edoardo, Gabriele and Mattia. They are always very popular, while Francesco fell in the ranking of the most chosen baby names.

Curious names for babies born in 2022

There is nothing to do: sometimes we are also fascinated by stars, as well as by foreign names. And this is how the name Lapo ended up in trend, which has continued to be chosen over the years. There are not many, but there are also Aeneas, Elias and even Noah in Italy. For those who want to dare a little more, it is also possible to opt for Evan, who sounds really good. Less common, yes, but of great impact is the name Zeno.

Italian names for babies born in 2022

The most loved baby name in 2022 (as it was for 2021) is certainly Leonardo. Followed by Francesco, Gabriele, Lorenzo, Alessandro, Tommaso, Riccardo, Aeneas, Gioele. Even Giulio is a name that has always had its own why: after all, the female version is super popular for 2022, but it has always been, we would dare to say.

Foreign names for babies born in 2022

And if it is true that there are many beloved Italian names for children, there is also that mother who gives in to the weak of the name with a foreign charm. If so, there are some really cool names we can choose from, like Nathan, which is very important, since it is of biblical origin and its meaning is “God gave”.

One of the great classics, however, chosen for a couple of years now and always liked is Michael: the trend started after all with the fame of the pilot. Kevin, and William and Harry, like the Princes of England, are also very popular. A name that is gaining momentum is Aaron: very particular.

Mythological names for babies born in 2022

A roundup inspired by mythology could not be missing from our list of names for babies born in 2022. One of the most beautiful names is certainly Leo, which is the giant who fought against Hercules. However, there is no lack of Aeneas, who was the young Trojan and was the protagonist of the Aeneid. Another beautiful name is Elio, the Titan of the Sun. Could Hermes, the messenger of the Gods be missing? They are unusual names, certainly not common, but with a great meaning. In the end, we will choose the “right” one, which we will feel more in line with the emotions, but above all with the heart.

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