The true meaning of the kiss on the forehead

The true meaning of the kiss on the forehead

What does it really mean to receive a kiss on the forehead? You may not know it, but it is the testimony of the strongest love there is

Did you ever get a kiss on your forehead from a stranger? No? It is normal, because it is a very intimate gesture.

The kisses on the forehead are a rare gesture, which not everybody happens to receive. Why? They assume great confidence between those who give it and those who receive it. Reason why you will never meet a person and see her greet you with a kiss on your forehead. Getting it from a stranger is not pleasant and could cause discomfort and irritation. This is because it is a sign of love that we are obviously not willing to receive from anyone, and that if not liked it generates a feeling of intrusiveness that is not pleasant. But do you know why kisses on the forehead are important? First of all because they make us feel at peace with ourselves and with the world. And the beauty is that, although they don't seem at all passionate or romantic, they are perhaps the greatest sign of love in the world.

Kissing your forehead means kissing the soul of loved ones. Since ancient times, philosophers and scholars have discovered that at the center of the head is the pineal gland, an area of ​​the brain that produces melatonin that regulates the circadian cycle. And they identified it as the so-called "third eye", ie the point of contact between the body and the spirit. It is said that receiving a kiss in the face, therefore, makes people feel completely abandoned to their emotions and their feelings towards each other. And, in addition to being in tune with the whole world, it reduces anxiety and worry. People feel safer, at home and at ease.

There are different types of kisses. There are those who kiss on the cheek to show affection and love, and those who kiss on the cheek just to greet each other, even if they don't know each other. Who kisses on the lips for friendship and who because he has butterflies in his stomach. But there is only one kiss from the front. And not everyone can give it. Because it is perhaps the closest to touching the strings of the soul.

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