The turning point of Demi Lovato: he tells his drama in a book

The turning point of Demi Lovato: he tells his drama in a book

Star yesterday and today: do you recognize them?

His new cut in blue marks the break, perhaps, between the bulimic and self-injurious Demi and the judge of X-Factor. After going through complicated stages in her private life and as a reflection in her artistic career, the former Disney queen decided to share her experience by publishing a collection of quotes and ideas to strengthen self-esteem entitled "Staying Strong 365 Days of the Year ".

A choice that is reconciled with psychotherapy and that, in the case of Demi Lovato, means printing a volume that already promises to be a best seller.

"March 15 will remain forever – reads on Facebook – an important date for me: it is the anniversary of the day I was hospitalized. Since in this book I will share a very intimate part of me, you do the same by writing your difficulties accompanied by the hashtag # StayingStrong365 ". Immediate success of the post between likes and shares. Try it to believe it.

"How can you always be strong? In recent years I have tried to meditate a few minutes every morning on inspiring phrases which I have summarized in this book". A story that, we hope however complex, will serve those who do not find the courage to express their discomfort.

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