The ultra-integral costume launches the challenge to the bikini

The ultra-integral costume launches the challenge to the bikini

The look of VIPs on the beach to the votes: photopagellone

After the trends seen on the Miami catwalks for next summer, with the return of ultra-high-waisted briefs, worthy of a Sophia Loren 60s, other news from the world of beach fashion are coming that go towards a more "chastened" look .

This time it is a practically almost "integral" costume, which, incredibly, does not only interest women who would like to wear it for religious reasons.

In short, knee-length leggings, long skirts, covered shoulders: on the beaches of the future of wholeness, there could be only the costume, other than a tan. Maybe we can't talk about summer trends yet, but something has certainly changed.

Judith Lederman, who calls herself a conservative Jew, thought that the humble customs of the company she works for, HydroChic, interested only people wishing to cover themselves for religious reasons, but found a wider audience.

"At some point, you don't want to reveal everything anymore." In short, there are those who make it a question of style on the beach, and prefer to challenge the taboo of the signs of a tan rather than show too much.

Regine Tessone, designer of Aqua Modesta, says she found inspiration in real life, after seeing women bathe in a cotton shirt.

Yet on the covers of newspapers and sites there is a bombardment of stars more or less famous in very little morals. "The bikini is still the number one leader for the beach – assures Barbara Kerin, professor of Fashion Institute Technology. tintarella still wins over everything, including aesthetics.

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