The updated vaccination calendar on the Ministry of Health website

The updated vaccination calendar on the Ministry of Health website

The website of the Ministry of Health publishes the summary calendar of the chronological succession with which vaccinations should be carried out. Moms, take notes!

The vaccination calendar is a statement that every parent should always have in mind. So, often, it is not. Just go to the Ministry of Health website to see it updated and save it.

The vaccination schedule means the chronological sequence in which vaccinations are to be carried out.

The calendar is a useful guide for health workers in vaccination services, pediatricians and general practitioners and also for parents, but it represents, above all, the tool to make vaccination strategies operational.

The vaccinations included in the vaccination calendar are free.

The calendar is constantly updated taking into account the scientific knowledge, the epidemiological situation of the various diseases and its evolution of organizational needs and new vaccination preparations made available by the industry.

Here is the vaccination schedule offered actively and free of charge to the entire population.

Source Ministry of Health

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