The usual unknown, Simona Izzo sends Amadeus into a tailspin

Simona Izzo

The well-known voice actress manages to combine a mess in transmission that does not escape the world of the web (but which has amused viewers so much)

The episode of I soliti ignoti on Monday 15 March gave the audience a hilarious curtain starring Simona Izzo who literally sent Amadeus into a tailspin, in charge of keeping the ranks of the famous evening game. The dynamics of the Rai broadcast see eight secret identities for which the protagonists put themselves to the test by trying to guess them, taking home the relative prize money.

On twitter, the name of Simona Izzo in a few minutes bounced off the top of the trends for her hilarious game conduct, which made Amadeus lose patience. The well-known voice actress and wife of Ricky Tognazzi already lost a booty of 4000 euros in the early stages of the game and the disaster seemed to be just around the corner, because Simona managed to lose practically everything, so much so that Amadeus seemed not to know well what to do with her not being able to practically get it right.

Simona look at them well, look at them all. Please, Simona!

Amadeus' plea seemed to find confirmation at the end, because in spite of everything – and one would say no one knows exactly how – Simona Izzo managed to win 18 thousand euros, which will be donated as usual to charity, this time to the Spallanzani Institute of Rome.

Born in 1953, Simona Izzo is known for her strong personality, as well as for her competence in the workplace: she is one of the most famous voice actresses in Italy but also an actress, director, screenwriter and television personality. Web users have joked about his participation in the game, as if to say ironically: Simona, anything but a competitor.

In fact, her gab did not manage to save her completely from the mechanism of the game, fortunately the disaster was escaped at the end but her performance at I soliti ignoti we are sure will remain in the memory of viewers – amused by the curtain – and above all of Amadeus ( perhaps a little less amused), who had to sweat seven shirts to get to the end of the broadcast: even the Twitter users who have ironized about the story and the suffering grimaces of Amadeus that have not escaped the cameras of I usual unknowns.

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