The Voice of Italy: the difficult story of Federica Bensi

The Voice of Italy: the difficult story of Federica Bensi

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It's not the first time we've seen her, Federica. She also belongs to the party of aspirants who grind one talent after another in search of a definitive dimension. But we did not know about her human story, condensed into a clip mounted to art, to be digested, in the short space of a functional presentation at the #blindaudition of The Voice. With the same naturalness with which he walked on that stage, he said he had overcome a tumor. Without shedding a tear, without dwelling too much on this path.

At the age of three, she was diagnosed with completely overcome kidney cancer. Of his illness, hospitalization and what he has been, he doesn't remember much, he says.

Federica Bensi is now 19 years old and studies singing, attends high school. Nurture television ambitions, needless to deny it. And with reason, given the volume, the stage mastery and the originality.

This girl convinced the coaches of The Voice, now in its fourth episode, then choosing the Tuscan rock of Piero Pelù. The performance of little Faith, just 19 years old, convinced the very difficult coaches who appreciated the unpublished interpretation of a song now worn as Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl", clearing the pop a little too easy from the mall , to put it to J-ax.

The choice of Faith fell on Piero Pelù who will be in charge of enhancing the voice of Bensi, with an interesting tone and with blues shades.

Her vocal potential did not emerge yesterday evening, Federica in the fall of 2010, when she was fifteen, had been one of the protagonists of "Io canto" on Canale 5. A second opportunity that Fede does not intend to slip away so easily.

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