The Voice Senior, Antonella Clerici already triumphs: the greatest praise

The Voice Senior, Antonella Clerici already triumphs: the greatest praise

“Antonella Clerici is Rai1 and Rai1 is her home”, “The Voice Senior” is back and it is already a triumph for its presenter

The ladies of Rai 2021-2022: from Mara Venier to Antonella Clerici

Antonella Clerici returns with the second edition of The Voice Senior. Many news, starting with the arrival of Orietta Berti among the coaches, ready to take the place of Al Bano and create a partnership with Loredana Bertè.

Antonella Clerici is excited to be back at the helm of the new season of the Rai1 program, dedicated to highly talented singers over 60, because those of The Voice Senior are – according to the presenter – “a very strong team. I get along very well with everyone, especially with the coaches. And then our competitors are very competent and capable and also very hearted ”.

Antonella Clerici, the heart of The Voice Senior

And in fact emotions are the great protagonists of this edition. As Antonella tells in the presentation conference of The Voice Senior: “I am emotional, I follow the heart a lot, so I participate a lot in their stories”, referring to the competitors who will walk the stage and who will find their point of arrival in this show, their redemption, but also the possibility of reviving the memories linked to their family.

Clerici confirms that also this year there will be the sofa, which was very successful in the last edition, where the protagonists live almost a cathartic moment before going on stage. The sofa ritual is the moment in which the presenter gets to know the competitors better, while the coaches are unaware of everything.

“The nice thing – explains Antonella – is that I have this great complicity with the public at home” thanks to which she is able to convey the emotions that are experienced during the show. And this is the key to the success of The Voice Senior: “This transmission brings the heart, it brings life flowing”.

But not only that, it is the reason that makes Clerici enthusiastic in presenting this show: “It’s a program of the heart, just the ones I like where I try to find, even in lightness, something to leave and communicate”, especially in a a period in which one is perhaps a little too arrogant. Kindness and seriousness are therefore the ingredients that make The Voice Senior a success.

Antonella Clerici, the praise of the director of Rai1

Stefano Coletta, director of Rai1, has only words of praise for Clerici and not only for her commitment to The Voice Senior: “Antonella here has Rai1 really illuminated the midday range with its lightness but also with its depth. [riferendosi all’appuntamento quotidiano con È sempre mezzogiorno ndr]”.

Then he reiterates that Antonella Clerici “is Rai1 and Rai1 is her home and she has shown that she knows how to innovate and expand this pact of steel.” And: “In the Voice Senior I saw an opportunity for development in the career of Antonella who for many years had dealt with youth talent”.

The Voice Senior, where and when to see it

The appointment with Antonella Clerici, the coaches Orietta Berti, Loredana Bertè, Gigi D’Alessio, Clementino and all the competitors is starting from Friday 26 November, on Rai1, at 9.15 pm, for 6 episodes.

Also in this second edition of The Voice Senior, music plays a central role. The performances of the competitors are thus an opportunity to pay homage to the memory of some of the great names in Italian and international music such as Louis Armostrong, Pierangelo Bertoli, Lucio Dalla, Pino Daniele, Mia Martini, Domenico Modugno and Ennio Morricone.

Among the other genres proposed, the great classics – with duets, which will involve both the competitors and the coaches themselves -, the music of the great Neapolitan tradition and rock (with also the interpretation of a song by Måneskin).

Finally, on the stage of The Voice Senior there is no shortage of laughter, alternating with moments of reflection, which focus on the strength of the family and the desire to never give up.

Antonella Clerici coach The Voice Senior

Antonella Clerici with the coaches of The Voice Senior

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