The Voice Senior, Clementino obscures everyone and Clerici is unstoppable: the cult moments of the 4th episode

The Voice Senior, Clementino obscures everyone and Clerici is unstoppable: the cult moments of the 4th episode

Semifinal full of twists to "The Voice Senior", with Clementino who conquered the audience and the super finalists

The Voice Senior: coach, competitors and conductor

The Voice Senior once again conquers the audience in prime time thanks to the skill of the competitors and a stellar cast, with the judges – Gigi D’Alessio, Jasmine and Al Bano Carrisi, Clementino and Loredana Bertè – and the host Antonella Clerici. Excited moments, laughter and memories: the show is a concentrate of emotions and it is no wonder that it has become a success. If last year the program had had some difficulties, the new edition with Clerici has collected excellent reviews and ratings. The semifinal did not disappoint the expectations of the public and the presenter revealed the super finalists who will compete in the last episode to win the show's prize.

CLEMENTINO OSCURA EVERYONE – Once again Antonella Clerici showed her talent and ability to look ahead. The presenter brought Clementino to the show, a rapper well known among young people, but not much for the general public. Since the first episode of The Voice Senior, Clementino has shown that he has what it takes to become a TV star. From jokes with Gigi D’Alessio and Loredana Bertè, to advice to Jasmine Carrisi (who initially struggled to settle in to the cameras) to the emotion in front of a song: the artist amazed and bewitched the audience.

THE CURTAIN BETWEEN LAURA GRAY and GIGI D’ALESSIO – Comic curtain – with the incursion of Clementino – between Laura Gray and Gigi D’Alessio. The Neapolitan artist has known the singer for thirty years and at the beginning of his career he attended weddings with him accompanying him on the piano. The two lost sight of each other and then found themselves at The Voice Senior where Laura immediately joined Gigi's team. Even in the semifinal of the show there was no shortage of comic moments between the contestant and the judge, with Laura saying she only has Gigi in her heart, so much so that every man who comes into her life has to deal with him. Not only Al Bano intervened in the affair, but also Clementino who wore a blonde wig staging a proposal to Antonella Clerici.

THE EXHIBITION OF GIULIO TODRANI IN CONNECTION – Giulio Todrani, Giorgia's father, performed in connection from home because he tested positive for Coronavirus. Chosen by Loredana Bertè, he amazed the audience and the judges with his talent and great energy to the tune of It’s not Unusual by Tom Jones. "Giulio was very good from afar – said Bertè, proud of the competitor -, he showed us that he is a great singer even in a difficult moment". Also impressed was Al Bano, who commented: "He took me back in time, this is the magic of music, you are great". Originally from Rome, Giulio is the man behind the success of the famous singer Giorgia. "Now you are no longer Giorgia's father – explained Antonella Clerici in the first episodes, introducing him -, now you are Giorgio Todrani". He became famous in the seventies paired with Angela Bini, he participated in the Cantagiro, recording the song A love story. He later created a duo with his daughter: Juli & Julie, and then launched Giorgia's solo career.

THE CHOICE OF THE VOICE SENIOR FINALISTS – The Voice Senior was a bet that Antonella Clerici managed to win, thanks to determination and talent. With a semifinal full of twists, the judges announced the finalists of the program. Eight competitors will compete on stage on December 20th. The judges were chosen by Clementino, Gigi D’Alessio, Loredana Bertè, Al Bano and Jasmine Carrisi who wanted Giovanna Sorrentino, Rita Mammolotti, Alan Farrington, Roberto Tomasi, Erminio Sinni, Marco Guerzoni, Elena Ferretti and Tony Reale in the final. Who will be the winner of the first edition of The Voice Senior?

THE DUO JASMINE AND AL BANO CARRISI – The duo Jasmine and Al Bano Carrisi are increasingly united. The very young singer and her famous dad were among the revelations of The Voice Senior. After a somewhat difficult start, Jasmine, the fruit of Al Bano's love for Loredana Lecciso, showed great firmness and excellent musical knowledge, even the artist from Cellino San Marco was amazing. Just at the behest of Jasmine, Carrisi chose Tony Reale for the show's final. "Jasmine has infected me", he admitted and his daughter added: "She has an overwhelming energy". The choice sparked some protests on social networks where many were cheering for Alida Ferrarese. "Don't be surprised if I said to you: do we want to engrave something together?", Concluded Al Bano, addressing the artist.

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