The Voice Senior, Clerici triumphs with the over 60s and the debut of Jasmine Carrisi

The Voice Senior, Clerici triumphs with the over 60s and the debut of Jasmine Carrisi

Good first for "The Voice Senior" and Antonella Clerici. Jasmine Carrisi receives the approval of Al Bano and a competitor from Mia Martini's past arrives for Bertè

The Voice Senior: coach, competitors and conductor

The new adventure of Antonella Clerici is starting, who has returned to lead the first evening of Rai Uno with The Voice Senior, a completely new version of the well-known musical program The Voice of Italy. Protagonists, talented artists over 60, with a passion for music for singing, who will compete to be able to reach the final and earn first place.

With the energy and smile that distinguishes her, Clerici has thus opened her show by presenting the exceptional cast that will support her in this edition. In the role of judges, in fact, important voices of the Italian music scene: Gigi D’Alessio, Clementino, Loredana Bertè, Al Bano and Jasmine Carrisi.

Clerici wanted to devote maximum attention to the contestants of the talent show, who for the first time are not young artists with the dream of becoming famous or children eager to show their skills. On the stage, on the other hand, men and women who are over sixty and have a passion without limits. Those deemed most vulnerable following a recent health emergency:

We live in difficult moments and it is right to celebrate the senior category with music, which is definitely the most affected and we wanted to do it big, with these great coaches of ours. We want to tell our competitors, their life stories, dreams, passions. Long live life.

A debut not only for The Voice Senior, but also for Jasmine Carrisi, who is facing her first real television experience. Sitting next to dad Al Bano, although very excited, she immediately proved to have a strong personality, receiving compliments from Loredana Bertè:

I'm a bit scared – admitted Jasmine – because I'm not used to it. But I'm happy to have this experience.

The most beautiful words, for her who is taking her first steps in the world of music and rap, perhaps come from Al Bano, who has shown that she approves of the path taken by her daughter:

These are his first steps, and I must say that he is moving them well.

Beautiful emotions also for Loredana Bertè, who among the competitors found Erminio Sinni, a Roman singer-songwriter who, in her past, worked as a backing singer for Mia Martini. The two will continue the path in the program together and, there is no doubt, what they will offer to the public will be a magnificent show.

Good first, therefore, for The Voice Senior. Fun, smiles and emotions gave the audience moments of lightheartedness and joy. Antonella Clerici can be said to be more than satisfied, but how will she surprise us in the next episode?

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