The Voice Senior: Giulio Todrani, Giorgia's father, against Loredana Bertè

Loredana Bertè

Following the elimination from The Voice Senior, Giulio Todrani, Giorgia's father, lashes out against Loredana Bertè on Twitter.

The Voice Senior: coach, competitors and conductor

Giulio Todrani against Loredana Bertè. In the aftermath of The Voice Senior's semifinal, the father of singer Giorgia entrusted Twitter with a long outburst against her coach, guilty – according to him – of not having cared about his health once he tested positive for the coronavirus.

But let's go in order. Todrani participated in the talent show conducted by Antonella Clerici on singers over 60, proving to have considerable singing skills and arriving up to yesterday's semifinal in which, however, he was unable to participate live because he was forced home by Covid.

His performance was held in connection from home and was very much liked by coaches Al Bano and Loredana, who spent themselves in compliments and praise for his interpretation of Tom Jones's It’s Not Unusual. The performance, however, was not enough to take him to the final precisely because of a choice by Bertè who preferred another competitor. However, it was not the elimination that Giulio attacked the singer in the last few hours, but the disappointment with the behavior of his coach.

"Dear Loredana, you know very well all the problems my family and I had with Covid from November 6 to December 5, and in 30 days I would have expected at least 1 phone call from you to find out how I was, the phone does not infect you Covid, and also for advice on the piece. My disappointment in you is for your lack of humanity ignoring an artist who had chosen you as a coach and had trusted you on October 29th and December 5th. The first words I heard from you on Skype is that in any case I started penalized ”, wrote Giorgia's father on Twitter.

The singer, who commented on the episode via social media, had dedicated a message to Giorgia's father: “Giulio, I'm sorry, you are unique and I hope you will recover soon”. The latter, however, responded in a particularly angry manner, demonstrating that he has not yet disposed of the exclusion and bitterness for the coach's attitude: "Dear Loredana, I'm much more sorry. You have harmed my professionalism ".

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