The Voice Senior, Jasmine is moved and Clementino conquers: the cult moments of the 3rd episode

Al Bano, daughter Jasmine reveals a background on her music debut

On "The Voice Senior", Jasmine Carrisi is moved and surprises dad Al Bano, while Clementino conquers everyone

The Voice Senior: coach, competitors and conductor

The success of The Voice Senior continues and the protagonist of the third episode is Jasmine Carrisi who with her father Al Bano is moved and shows her character, after an appointment in which she appeared a little subdued. Great surprise for Clementino: the rapper is a discovery and alongside Gigi D’Alessio and Loredana Bertè he offers comic moments and laughter.

Let's find out the cult moments and the most beautiful ones of the third episode of the show hosted by Antonella Clerici.

COMPETITORS IN THE SEMIFINALS – Fast pace and strong emotions marked the third episode of The Voice Senior. In this version of the broadcast, the Battle phase was eliminated, for this reason the judges had to immediately reduce their teams from 6 to 9 competitors waiting for the semifinal. "These are my puppies – commented Gigi D’Alessio – you have crazy stories to tell, life. here we feel very small to say yes and no. The choices I made also thinking about the marpioni of my colleagues, trying to compete with them ". Anna Tatangelo's ex-partner chose: Giancarlo Caiani, Elena Ferretti, Nello Buongiorno, Perla Crivellini, Marco Guerzoni and Laura Gray. Al Bano Carrisi and his daughter Jasmine wanted Rita Mammolotti, Gianni Pera, Ann Harper, Gennaro Vilardi, Alida Ferrarese and Tony Reale to access the next phase. For his team Clementino chose: Pietro Dall’Oglio, Roberto Tomasi, Franklin Montague, Michele La Penna, Alan Farrington and Ambra Mattioli. Loredana Bertè instead mentioned the names of: Erminio Sinni, Laura Fedele, Giulio Todrani, Roberta Cappelletti, Giovanna Sorrentino and Massimo Vita. On Friday 18 December the contestants will perform to access the show's grand final.

JASMINE CARRISI IS MOVED (AND SURPRISES AL BANO) – More decisive than the previous episode, Jasmine was the protagonist of the third appointment with The Voice Senior. The daughter of Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso appeared moved in front of a competitor, Emilia, who conquered the audience with her scratchy voice. Jasmine, after turning around, asked the lady why she had never sung before. “I'm 70, first I had to be a good daughter – he explained -, then a good wife and mother, but today my first fan is my teenage grandson. He's the one who nicknamed me rock grandmother ”. Words that have moved A Bano's daughter. Jasmine, visibly moved, replied: "I too want a grandmother like you". One step after another, the young woman is showing character, but also a great passion for music. "I was struck by the song because I listen to Ultimo and I didn't expect it – he said commenting on another performance -. Then I was struck by the tone and that you put a lot of heart into it ”. Jasmine's words really impressed her dad who replied: “Do you know that I'm studying you? It's the first time we've done something together and I'm discovering you … I thought you were just rap and trap and instead there's much more ".

THE STRENGTH OF GENNARO – Among the competitors who have most excited the audience and judges is Gennaro Vilardi. Blind from birth, at the age of 74 he took the stage of The Voice Senior presenting himself with great grace and telling his story. “I am the third last of nine children and I have been in boarding school for many years, because I was one less mouth to feed – he explained -. Then I met my wife, a source of great joy. She laughs a lot with me, she fell in love with my voice, because I dedicated a lot of songs to her. Unfortunately I was born blind and having found a woman who loves me makes me think I have found the light of my eyes. As a boy I participated in some competitions, but from there to go on television, I never expected it ”. A story that moved Al Bano: "You remind me of my father – he said -, who at a certain age suddenly lost his sight and found the strength to move forward and overcome that discomfort in music".

CLEMENTINE HURRICANE – Always ready to joke with his friend Gigi D’Alessi or to tease Loredana Bertè, Clementino is the great discovery of this edition of The Voice Senior. Able to get excited to tears in front of a song and then indulge in a funny joke. Impossible not to be overwhelmed by his sympathy.

GIOVANNA MARINUZZI AND FRANCESCO DE GREGORI'S SONG – On the stage of Antonella Clerici's show, Giovanna Marinuzzi performed to the notes of There is nothing to understand. The Roman artist, famous for bossa nova music, has collaborated with many great artists and has a long career behind him. "I chose this song because at the time De Gregori had dedicated it to me. I thought about doing it in the bossa nova style because I thought it was the best thing ". The judges therefore regretted the choice not to turn around. In particular, Loredana Bertè admitted: “We could have fun, I regretted not having turned around”.

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