The wedding dress with more "likes" than ever on Instagram. You will not believe your eyes

The wedding dress with more "likes" than ever on Instagram. You will not believe your eyes

An incredible dress, so beautiful that it leaves you breathless. Meters and meters of precious fabrics, cascades of pearls and a touch of high class

Wedding dresses, trends for the summer

The wedding dress with the most like-ever look is truly exceptional and is very popular on Instagram. To wear it a very lucky girl, Intan Azzahra, who turned into a princess on her wedding day. Thanks to a very particular garment, made by the famous fashion designer Ivan Gunawan who thought of a white dress that made her look like a Disney princess.

The wedding dress was so loved that she received thousands of Likes in a very short time, beating any other wedding image. Every woman (and future husband) knows how important wedding dress is on the wedding day. Girls from an early age dream and plan this important event, and the desire is always to feel like princesses heading for the altar to swear eternal love to their prince charming.
Even Intan, an Indonesian girl, had the same dream and to make it come she asked for the help of the famous designer who created something unique for her.

It is a shiny wedding dress, with a long train and a wide skirt. The bodice has a sweetheart neckline, with a slight net that gives a very elegant transparency effect and many beads. To make the dress even more magical, Intan has thought of creating a princess hairstyle and make-up. She then presented herself at the wedding with a hairstyle that made her look like Cinderella, a shining crown and pendant earrings. Everything was completed with a work of art make-up with eyeliner and false eyelashes for fawn eyes, porcelain skin and fleshy lips of a light pink.

The photos of Intan's wedding, which crowned his love with Zendhy Zaen, conquered the social networks and many shared the bride's shots, commented on them and put Like. In addition to the white dress, Intan chose to wear another designer's creation, a fiery red wedding dress with a tight bodice and a full skirt with feathers. Even this look, like the previous one, has been very well received by followers.

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