The world of the child: vegetarian or normal weaning

This period is very important in the growth of the child, let's see if it is possible to proceed with vegetarian weaning

There is an important premise to be made, and that is that despite the fact that there has long been a back and forth between those who support the vegetarian diet during weaning and those who instead have a complete diet of all types of foods, there is still no official line common.
However, it remains important to analyze who claims that it is possible and what is said in the medical environment, and specifically among pediatricians, the first important points of reference for the child's everyday health.
Specifically, some pediatric studies support this, regarding vegetarian weaning:

based on scientific studies, some researchers argue that it is important to base the feeding of the child during weaning on a good variety of plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, every meal they have to do.
But the thing they are very much aiming for is that this diet is necessary for all children, not just those with vegetarian parents.

The vegetarian diet is also understood as a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, and consists of a diet consisting only of vegetable-type foods, excluding animal food completely, but not derivatives such as milk and eggs. In the child who passes the mother's milk to a new diet, the milk cannot be removed, so avoid sub-categories of diets that do not include it.

As is well known, Umberto Veronesi, one of Italy's most famous oncologists, has been in favor of vegetarian weaning, declaring that not only is it an optimal choice, but that eliminating meat from one's diet is good for everyone, also for adults. In his words, weaning the child by eliminating animal fats is giving him a healthy future. An increasingly shared idea.

So according to the words of luminaries of science or medicine, it seems that the vegetarian diet often at the center of unjustified controversy, is instead the perfect solution and affordable for everyone to improve their health over time.
While the confrontation between good and bad will continue you can easily choose vegetarian weaning, if that's what you think is right for your child.

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