The Z point with Tommaso Zorzi: when it starts, the guests and where it goes live

The Z point with Tommaso Zorzi: when it starts, the guests and where it goes live

Great expectations for Tommaso Zorzi's show: what is Punto Z, when does it start and above all who will be the first guests.

Stefania Orlando: the relationship with Zorzi and the dream of a return to TV

Tommaso Zorzi and his Punto Z represent the flagship product of Mediaset Play: from Wednesday 7 April it will be possible to delight in the company of the winner of the GF Vip and columnist of the Isola dei Famosi 2021. The Punto Z is the debut in the conduction of Zorzi , who captivated the audience with his charm and sharp jokes.

A show that promises to keep you glued to the screen: the first episode, in fact, begins in a crackling way, with two guests of honor. A late show that aims to entertain and at the same time offer games and variety. The "Golden Social" will be a lot of fun, a moment of leisure in which the Social Networks will be the protagonists.

Tommaso will comment on some of the memes or phrases that have gone viral on social media, with his usual spirit. There will also be a very welcome return, which will resume the game of beans by Raffaella Carrà: in each episode of Il Punto Z, a guest will have to guess the number of peas in a jar.

The guests of the first episode of Il Punto Z will be Maurizio Costanzo and Giulia Salemi. Costanzo will have a key role, will offer a real "baptism" to Zorzi, who will consecrate him among the new conductors of the moment. The Zorzi show is produced by RTI; a collaboration in which the names of Gabriele Parpiglia and Clarissa Bellinello are also present.

Giulia Salemi, on the other hand, will answer all the "fiery" questions of the conductor, who will try to make her reveal secrets and curiosities about her life. In addition, Tommaso will send her tweets about her, some positive, some negative, which they will comment together. Finally, there will be the Tommy Card: Giulia will write a card to be read only at the end of the episode.

Very interesting is the acronym of Punto Z, "On the Bane Bane", in which you can admire some well-known women of Italian TV and in particular of the Island of the Famous, namely Ilary Blasi, the presenter, Elettra Lamborghini and Iva Zanicchi, commentators.

Zorzi is undoubtedly the showman par excellence: from his debut in the first season of La Riccanza to the entrance to the house of Big Brother Vip, his television career is on the rise. Spectators are waiting patiently for his speeches for the Island of the Famous 2021. His character, personality and attitude have made him a welcome and much appreciated character.

During his stay in the house of the Gf VIP, Zorzi had had the opportunity to get close to Stefania Orlando: their friendship is continuing even outside the walls of the most spied house in Italy. And now, with the new adventure of Il Punto Z, broadcast from Wednesday 7 April at 8.45 pm on Mediaset Play, Tommaso scores another goal in his career, with his first test as a conductor.

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