There are six types of single women: which one are you?

There are six types of single women: which one are you?

Are you a lonely heart or an accumulator of appointments? Find out which of these six categories of single women you belong to

Single women are not all the same, but they can be enclosed in six categories: which one represents you the most?

Not all women react in the same way to the end of a relationship, and not all of them live their new status as singles in the same way. Specifically, the types of single women could be summarized into six categories: discover them all to understand what you belong to.

  • The free spirit: it is usually a woman who has just emerged from a toxic relationship, which is why she is extremely calm and stable. He is not necessarily looking for a new partner.
  • The mess: this type of woman has just concluded a relationship. But most likely it was not his choice. He spends his evenings in bars and clubs and continually post selfies on Instagram.
  • The serial appointment accumulator: continues to have meetings with men in the hope of meeting the right one. But the more he perseveres, the more things go differently than he had imagined.
  • The single online: would never have the courage to approach a nice guy on the street, and spend his days looking for the perfect photo for his Tinder profile. Because these days a husband is found only on the web.
  • The lonely heart: she has not had a relationship for a long time, and she does not like this. He tells people that he has stopped running after men, but secretly browses bridal wear magazines and engagement ring catalogs with Celine Dion in the background.
  • The couch potato: her relationships were not very successful, and she learned to keep herself company. He spends most of his evenings at home, ordering Chinese food strictly in his pajamas.

We know that generalizing is never good, but in all of us there is a small part of at least one of the categories just mentioned. The important thing, if the description does not completely reflect us, is to work to change things: because you remember, Bridget Jones was also in the same situation as you. But then we all know how things went for her.

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