There is a need to dance, laugh and sing. Do it with our Carnival playlist

There is a need to dance, laugh and sing. Do it with our Carnival playlist

The craziest party of the year is a hymn to freedom and we will give you the soundtrack for your party

Masks, sweets, jokes and freedom.

This is Carnival, the party that reminds us to laugh and leave sadness, worries and negative thoughts behind us by becoming "mad", just as an ancient proverb dedicated to this anniversary says: "semel in anno licet insanire" – "a once a year it is permissible to go crazy "

The watchword is to let yourself go, also getting rid of your own identity, through the use of a mask to eliminate those social differences that often affect our days.

There is no longer the rich or the poor, the ugly or the beautiful and this since ancient times, where this festival took different names but remained in its state of identity linked to freedom. The ability to change everything knowing that then, after the party, rigor and order were restored.

It is no coincidence that it is a party particularly loved by children because these days they enjoy the freedom to express themselves and feel, even if for a short time, a princess, a pirate, a superhero or something unique thanks to a disguise made tailored for them by those who love them.

However, we must be aware of how this year, marked by the global pandemic of Covid-19, the restrictions and danger will not make us participate in big parties, wild disco dances or throwing confetti with children in the square. But this cannot and must not stop the strength of the carnival, on the contrary, it must give us the motivation to live it the same, even at home, dressing up, dancing and singing maybe in video call, with the same music: our Carnavale playlist.

Maybe we buy a dress online, prepare typical sweets, organize a themed party and virtually unite, letting ourselves go to this party that reminds us, at least once a year, that laughing and having fun is good for us, in every sense.

Let's have fun because “La vida es un carnaval”… good listening!

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