There is Mail for You 2022, who are the first (super) guests

There is Mail for You 2022, who are the first (super) guests

There is Mail for You back in January 2022: the first super guests of the new season have been revealed

Maria De Filippi: Maurizio Costanzo, son, age and programs

Maria De Filippi is ready to return as every year with one of her flagship programs, C’e Posta per Te, which will be broadcast as usual in January 2022. From the recordings already made, the first names of the super guests of the new season.

The super guests of the new season of C’e Posta per Te

Super TV Guide has revealed the names of the first guests of There is mail for you: they are the beloved Turkish actor Can Yaman and the equally beloved conductor Paolo Bonolis. For neither of them would be the first time in the program, in fact both had already participated in previous editions.

A program that has lasted for over twenty years

A program that began in 2000 and has never stopped achieving great results, this is the power of C’e Posta per Te. A program that, especially in recent years, has also attracted the attention of a different target. Many boys and girls follow him, becoming passionate about every story, especially those concerning the quarrels between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.

An irreplaceable pastime for Saturday night, possibly together with a blanket and a hot herbal tea. Certainly part of the great success is due to the guests that Maria De Filippi manages to choose carefully, always based on the taste of the spectators and giving them exactly what they would like to see.

In fact, Can Yaman is certainly one of the most loved actors of recent years. He achieved an incredible success thanks to the Turkish soap opera DayDreamer – The wings of the dream, which made millions of spectators fall madly and indiscriminately in love. From here Can Yaman undertook a series of works also in Italy, and his success continues today and more and more.

Sangiovanni and Giulia Stabile, from Friends to C’e Posta per Te

The one formed by Sangiovanni and Giulia Stabile, winner of the Amici talent show, is one of the couples who have been making thousands of fans dream in the last year. The two are often together, work commitments permitting, and the weekly Chi had reported that the two had been spotted right in the offices of C’e Posta per Te, even if so far no definite news has arrived. Will they also be among the super guests of the new season?

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