There is Mail for You, Gerry Scotti unstoppable: entertains and excites

C’è Posta per Te, Gerry Scotti inarrestabile: diverte ed emoziona

Maria De Filippi welcomes Gerry Scotti in the study of 'There is Mail for You'. And the conductor enchants and entertains the audience

A new event full of emotions for C’è Posta per Te, the famous program by Maria De Filippi that for twenty years has been bringing moving, engaging and, sometimes, funny stories to the small screen, with the participation of famous national and international guests. And, once again, the presenter did not disappoint the expectations of her very affectionate audience.

After having welcomed Sabrina Ferilli, Luca Argentero, Can Yaman, Paolo Bonolis, Stefano De Martino, Marco Bocci, Giulia Michelini and many others into the studio, this time De Filippi wanted her colleague Gerry Scotti at her side, with whom she works since years in Tu Si Que Vales, always obtaining excellent results.

So Gerry Scotti opened the show, enjoying the applause and all the warmth that the audience of C’è Posta per Te usually gives to the guests who pass through the studio. The conductor sat next to the very young Cristina, who wanted to surprise her partner Patrizio and apologize if sometimes, in the past, she treated him badly or let slip phrases she doesn't really think.

Cristina, visibly moved, also wanted to say thanks to her partner, because it is thanks to her determination, her tenacity and her stubbornness if, despite great economic difficulties, they managed to create a family and never let their two lack for anything. sons. He thus chose Gerry, who with his programs and his constant presence on TV has kept them company.

Gerry, with his innate sympathy, managed to break the tension, entertain the viewers and snatch a big smile from Cristina and Patrizio, who are future spouses. Then he addressed, with greater seriousness, the boy and the entire audience:

I played the stupid uncle so as not to fall into easy emotion. But since you are even younger than my son, I tell you something that I hope can be shared by the public. It seemed like a story of despair, of discomfort, of pain, and yet it is a wonderful story.

Listening to their story, Gerry was able to remember his past. He thus told of coming from a normal family and, therefore, of having seen so many people experiencing the difficulties told by Patrizio and Cristina. He then admired the determination and sense of responsibility of the young boy, who lived a very different youth from his own:

I tried to think about what I was doing at 24, I told my girlfriend that I had to finish preparing for a university exam and instead I went to the oratory to play football. And instead he has two children. Many times the champions are not in the stadiums, on the Formula One or MotoGP tracks, there are champions, like them, in everyday life.

Patrizio and Cristina, together with Gerry Scotti, managed to thrill the audience with a wonderful story and in which many young people of the audience could recognize themselves. Maria's choice to invite her colleague therefore proved to be a winner. How will it surprise in the next episode?

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