There is Mail For You, Stefano De Martino arrives and it is immediately emotion

C’è Posta Per Te, arriva Stefano De Martino ed è subito emozione

Stefano De Martino arrived in the episode for a sweet surprise to a young wife, struggling with the difficulties of life

The Saturday evening episode of C’è Posta Per Te opened immediately with great emotion, the curtain was raised with the entry of Stefano De Martino. Stefano was a very welcome guest of Maria De Filippi who met him when he was just a young boy full of dreams struggling with the auditions of Amici, where he participated in the role of dancer in the 2009 edition.

Stefano has come a long way, archiving for a moment his career in dance in favor of television management, which he currently carries out successfully at Rai, with the program Tonight everything is possible. Dad of little Santiago (had from the relationship with Belen Rodriguez, now at the end of the line), Stefano arrived, very elegant, to act as a shoulder to Giuseppe and as a gift – very welcome – to Maria, the girl protagonist of the first story of C'e Posta For you.

Maria is a young wife who has faced many family difficulties in her life together with her husband. Giuseppe, very excited, wanted to thank his wife for the love and commitment with which he faces the battles that life has faced them every day. Often he felt at fault, in not being able to have an economic and professional stability enough to allow his family a home.

Stefano De Martino felt very touched by this beautiful Italian story, because he too, before his success and fame, was a boy of humble origins who had to fight to survive and get out of difficult economic conditions. Perseverance, commitment, hunger for conquest and a bit of luck have guided Stefano to make him what fans know and admire with great affection today.

Your story reminds me of my childhood. I remember when at 18 I went to the pawnshop to pledge communion gifts to take the train and go to try out Amici.

In delivering the many gifts to Mary and Joseph, Stefano referred to how the meeting with De Filippi literally changed his life and how love – despite the difficulties – is the only thing that really matters. As an icing on the cake, there was also a job offer for Giuseppe, who will finally be able to focus on his family.

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