These 10 words to write in your bio to be successful on dating sites

These 10 words to write in your bio to be successful on dating sites

Are you having trouble “matching” on dating sites? Be aware that some keywords are more attractive than others. The list of those to favor to boost your potential seduction on applications.

Bio and photos are the most important elements for “matching” on dating apps. If certain words should be banned and can be frightening, such as “sickly jealous” or “shy”, others should be favored. An update on those who maximize your chances of meeting people.

The 10 keywords to add to your bio

To obtain these results,, the premium dating site, conducted a study among the most successful member profiles in order to identify the most attractive keywords/criteria.

More precisely, Seeking experts extracted and analyzed the words “most repeated in bios and profile descriptions“.

They then compared them with those present in the profiles.which generate the most matches and likes“.

Result ? 10 key words emerge from this analysis.

The results highlighted key terms that appear to capture users’ attention and increase the chances of getting matches“, specifies the press release.

These are the following words:

  • Ambition
  • Adventure
  • Requirement
  • Experience
  • Passion
  • Aspirations
  • Refined
  • Cultures
  • Curiosity
  • Discovery

On the male side, two words also seem to stand out: “drama-free” and “long-term”.

These keywords reflect a tendency to value personal qualities and interests and a common way of life, rather than physical appearance. Indeed, the analysis reveals that members care little about factors such as the number of children, hair color or height, which are variables that are rarely used. “This marks a significant shift in the criteria for finding a partner, which has long been primarily based on physical characteristics,” says Emma Hathorn, dating expert

The most searched criteria

Another notable observation from the study: certain “criteria” are more sought after than others on the dating application.

These are the terms:

  • “Diamond Member” (verified identity);
  • “Non-smoker”;
  • “Active lifestyle”;
  • “Higher education” (more than the baccalaureate);
  • “Members whose identities have been verified.”

Still according to the press release, men are a little more focused on “physical” criteria.

They also favor the criterion “University education“, which suggests “their desire to be able to have interesting and deep conversations”, further affirms Emma Hathorn.

Be careful, however, not to spend all your time swiping, matching or chatting, because this consumerist way of experiencing relationships can sometimes affect mental health. Emotional fatigue can be present (since we can have more fleeting encounters) as can being ghosted, that is to say being “zapped” by the other without explanation or consideration.