These crazy false eyelashes

These crazy false eyelashes

Crazy eyelashes: the craziest false eyelashes in the world

The latest cry in the USA are those in the shape of peony, peach or zebra trees, inspired by the ancient Chinese art of paper cutting. But there are also eyelash extensions that glow in the dark with LED light, or those with lots of colorful mini peacock feathers and glitter.

Depending on the look you can choose what look you want to have: bewitching, witty, profound or sexy. Some models make your eyes very intense depending on the situation will be fun, seductive or glamorous. The tufts of eyelashes instead can only be added to the corners, to create a subtle charm.

5 steps to apply false eyelashes:

1. Choose a color that is suitable for the occasion. For the evening it is better to opt for black or dark brown, suitable for those with light eyes, it adds effect to the look without requiring too much mascara. During the day, brown is better, a lighter shade for blondes or for those with a pale complexion, for a natural look.

2. Check their length: the lashes should follow the natural line of yours. If so, measure how abundant they are and reduce them with a pair of scissors.

3. Get the appropriate glue and tweezers to better handle the false eyelashes. Remove well the residues of eyeshadow, pencil and mascara with an eye cleanser.

4. Hold the first false eyelash with one hand. Pour a drop of glue on a cardboard, dip the wooden stick using it as a pen, then apply a thin layer of glue on the base.

5. In the mirror, with a steady hand, place the stick over the lashes, making the base stick. Hold for a minute. Repeat for the other eye and make up with a pencil line of the same color.

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