These foods are low in calories and great for your diet

These foods are low in calories and great for your diet

There are low calorie foods which, as such, prove useful for the diet. Find out which ones you can eat at any time.

One of the hardest things about dieting is staying too long without eating. Whether it is physical hunger or a simple desire to nibble on something, the need to eat can in fact represent a big problem.

low calorie foods

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Thankfully, there are several foods that come into play in this regard and that they are particularly useful for better tolerating the time that passes between meals. Foods that are low in calories and as such are the true allies of the diet. Find out, therefore, which are the easiest to find as well as those that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Here are the low calorie foods

Although a diet designed according to those who follow it should never leave moments of hunger between one meal and another, sometimes it can happen that you find yourself with the urgent need to put something in your teeth.

low calorie foods

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A problem that you can easily solve from today by learning to choose the right foods and insert them in the moments of the day when you feel the need most.

The fennel

King of snacks for those on a diet, fennel turns out to be a food with few calories and, at the same time, with very few carbohydrates. This allows it to be eaten at any time of the day without any kind of thought. Rich in fiber, if nibbled it helps to soothe the sense of hunger. Also, to flavor it you can enrich it with spices so you can enjoy something good. It is certainly one of the most suitable snacks for those on a diet and especially for those who want to enjoy something good without having to worry about it.

The carrot

Another low calorie and perfect diet food is carrot. In addition to being rich in beneficial properties, indeed represents a good thick hunger. Excellent to nibble raw, to eat in pinzimonio or to cook to make snacks of all kinds, carrot is certainly among the foods with less calories.

Radicchio is one of the low calorie foods

Another excellent vegetable to munch on and a friend of the diet is undoubtedly radicchio. Thanks to the low carbohydrates it contains in fact, it is always an excellent choice which can be enjoyed either alone or to create delicious rolls filled with low-fat cheese or Greek yogurt. A way like any other to stop hunger in the bud or to create a snack that is different from the usual but certainly able to quench hunger.

Cottage cheese

Rich in protein and therefore satiating, cottage cheese is one of the foods low in calories and suitable for those on a diet. In fact, it is enough to eat a small amount for to quell hunger and also and above all to appease the nervous one. They are also an excellent base for both salty and sweet foods and this makes them true friends of those who are following a diet or simply aim to maintain a healthy weight.

Greek yogurt

Remaining in the field of protein foods, even Greek yogurt is an excellent hunger breaker, especially in the version without added fats and sugars. A couple of tablespoons are enough to quell hunger and to silence the nervous one. As for cottage cheese, it is a food that is useful for both sweet and savory snacks. Which is why it is always good to have some at home. In this way, in fact, we allow ourselves something good without too many thoughts.

These five foods are certainly a good starting point for your diet as they represent a good way to eat even between meals, and all without feeling the slightest guilt. Together with foods to eat for breakfast to lose weight, it is particularly useful.

However, it is important to remember that if hunger episodes are frequent, perhaps the diet you are following is not the best. If this happens, therefore, the advice is to contact the nutritionist in order to modulate the daily menu in order to make it suitable for your needs.

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