They are fascinated by platonic love, here are the signs that seek a deep connection

segni amore platonico

The stars reveal to us which zodiac signs believe most in Platonic love. As a couple they need a deep connection.

Each zodiac sign distinctive features and on these depends its own behavior in all areas of his life, too in love. There are particularly passionate signs in pairs and others cold and detached and then there are the enamored signs of platonic love.

platonic love signs

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Not for all the zodiac signs love is expressed through physicality and physical contact. The signs of today’s ranking seek a deep spiritual contact and a very intimate connection with each other. Only in this way will they surrender completely to their partner.

These signs believe in platonic love

We have told you which are the zodiac signs that are happier as a single than in a couple, today we reveal which are the zodiac signs that seek platonic love and therefore give priority to love and spiritual and mental connection more than physical attraction.

platonic love signs

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If your partner is in today’s rankings, you should strive to make him feel fulfilled spiritually rather than physically. For them the contact, the gestures and the words are priority, as well as the feeling of being truly understood.

The signs that believe in platonic love are:


Cancer is a very empathetic sign. It is among the signs that will always make you feel like you are deeply understood and he needs this condition to be fulfilled for himself too, this is the key to motivating him to create a nest and build a family. Cancer loves to share everything with their partner, loves to listen and be heard and needs to feel good emotionally and to feel that you have a stronger emotional connection than physical attraction. Cancer usually finds this connection with the Capricorn.


Pisces is the most sensitive sign in the entire zodiac. The flurry of emotions he experiences every day makes him particularly inclined to seek out platonic loves. Pisces wants a partner who is romantic and lives up to your dreams. Pisces dreams of a prince charming, it is a fairy tale sign and to fall in love he needs to feel a deep spiritual connection. Pisces feels spiritually drawn to Virgin.


We know Gemini for its duality and this duality also shows itself in love. Gemini is a sign that seeks love on the one hand fusional and on the other a love platonic able to satisfy him emotionally and to be able to share funny moments and conversations with payers. As an air sign, Gemini finds it essential to share an intellectual connection with their partner. Gemini usually feels very attracted to the spirit of Sagittarius.

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