They are Kate Middleton’s favorite shoes, and they will become ours too!

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They are Kate Middleton’s favorite shoes in the summer: comfortable, casual and very versatile. Plus they will be super trendy for summer 2022. Which shoes are we talking about? Let’s find out together here on CheDonna!

We all know how difficult it is to find a shoe that is comfortable, cool, and maybe even beautiful to look at in the summer. Because when the sultry days arrive and we wake up with the day already planned and full of commitments, the first thing we think when we create our outfit is to choose the right shoe. That it is light, that it is comfortable and that it goes well with the look we wear. Often impossible to have, and then we find ourselves wearing a crazy outfit but with slippers instead of shoes. So how do you go about it? Let’s copy the style of the most fashionable royal of the moment, Kate Middleton and find out which are her favorite shoes in the summer!

Kate Middleton shoes

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In summer it is always difficult to create looks that are always in step with trends, because when the hot and sultry days arrive, the only thing we think about is comfort. Light clothes, cotton sweaters, baggy pants and cool shoes.

To try to create practical looks we often put aside fashion, and we find ourselves wearing outfits that don’t reflect our personality.

And this happens above all with shoes: we choose open and comfortable sandals under our work looks, which let’s face it are not always beautiful.

Therefore, how to solve this style problem? Copying the look of the most fashionable and followed royal of the moment. Who? Kate Middleton! Let’s find out which are the favorite shoes of the Duchess of Cambridge and see why we should wear them too!

Kate Middleton’s favorite shoes are the wedge espadrilles: comfortable, elegant, versatile, but above all light and perfect for summer days!

By espadrilles we mean that particular type of shoe that has a canvas upper and a rope sole. It can be flat, therefore platform, or with a wedge. Kate Middleton’s favorite shoe model is wedge espadrilles. This model may also have laces to tie around the ankle, which make the shoe more elegant.

Kate Middleton shoes

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So, we understood that the shoe to have at all costs in the summer is the wedge espadrille. But how to wear it?

  • floral midi dress: Kate Middleton loves wearing these shoes with floral midi dresses. She almost always chooses her shoe in nude shades, so she can wear them on many looks.
  • jeans and t-shirt: for every day the look consisting of jeans and t-shirt is always a good idea. But let’s replace the sneakers and wear the wedge espadrilles. Let’s use a straw bag and our most basic look will have transformed into boho chic in a second. By the way, black and white are the colors of queens. Same choice, different prices!

Kate Middleton shoes

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Also for today ends here the most fashionable style guide ever, the one with the license plate CheWoman who showed you what Kate Middleton’s favorite shoes are.

See you next style guide! Fun and fashion are guaranteed!

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