They rob us and we don’t notice it: what is happening to our current account

They rob us and we don't notice it: what is happening to our current account

They rob us and we don’t notice it: this is what is happening to all taxpayers in Italy and why you could see a certain amount disappear from your current account.

Are they really robbing us and we don’t notice it? This is often the case. Indeed, we realize it, but we cannot understand why.

They rob us we notice

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That’s right: if you’ve noticed that the amount in your current account has decreased, know that you may not be alone.

Indeed, many taxpayers have found themselves facing this very serious problem, but without knowing where their money has gone.

Are they really robbing us without us noticing? Here is the whole truth.

They rob us and we don’t notice it? Here’s what’s happening

If it is true that they rob us and we do not realize it, it is also that there is a (very valid) reason and that we are certainly not talking about a real theft.

They rob us we notice

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In the meantime we know that in the same way we are also paying the consequences of the war in Ukraine, even if in this case the disappearance of our money does not depend on it.

Let’s first explain who is “robbing” us: let’s talk about the state, taking money from our checking account.

Obviously it does not do it either by chance, or without a real underlying reason: the gist of the speech it is called stamp duty.

What is it about? Of an “indirect” state tax, that is, that it competes on the capital “on the occasion of indirect manifestation of the ability to pay”.

The law dictates that this must be applied to every current account and every deposit account. Should the same person have more than one, it must be applied to all active accounts of the subject.

We also know that this is in no way linked to the taxpayer’s amount, but it is a fixed sum, therefore the same for everyone.

If the customer is a natural person will be worth 34.20 euros on each active account, if instead we are talking about a company it amounts to 100 euros.

There is only one case in which it will not be necessary to pay the stamp duty and that is if the average balance of the current account or postal passbook is less than 5 thousand euros.

At this point, however, a clarification is necessary. When we consider the average stock, we do not consider a single checking account (or deposit account).

What we consider is the sum of all the accounts and all the books in the name of the same person and opened at the same credit institutions.

The only exception is made up of postal books and postal current accounts, which will not be cumulated also because while the former are direct relationships with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the latter depend on the Italian Post Office.

Taxpayers who have a contract with a credit institution that will decide to bear the state tax are also exempt from stamp duty.

In any case anyway this is applied on December 31st of each year, so if you realize that your account suffers a loss towards that time of the year, know that it is most likely because of this.

In fact, the sum must not be paid from the taxpayer’s current account and paid to the State, but is withdrawn completely automatically.

Self you opened your account in the middle of the year (or in any case during the current calendar year) what happens?

The stamp duty does not have to be paid in full, because this depends on the life period of the account, so if it has existed for less than 12 months, it will be partially calculated.

How you do it? Calculating the amount of the tax on the days of actual existence of the account or passbook.

In practice we will simply have to count the days of life of the account, multiply them by 34.20 (or 100 in the case of a legal person and not a natural person) and divide what comes out by 365 (366 in the case of a leap year). The result will be the amount that we will see “disappear” from our account.

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