Thinking positive: what it means and how to do it

Thinking positive: what it means and how to do it

To think positively, it is first of all necessary to understand that it is we who create our real conditions. Let’s understand how to do it


  • What does it mean
  • Thinking without going into the loops
  • 5 tips
    • Formulate the affirmations
    • Understanding the goals
    • Select friendships
    • Don’t jump through hoops
    • Use your time nourishingly

What does it mean

To think positive we must first of all recognize what enslaves us, what limits us and leads us to low energies and heavy situations. We can’t convince ourselves of something if our whole mind and way of life go down and don’t allow us to add a bright picture to who we are and what we want to become.

Our behaviors are dictated by our unconscious first of all and that must be investigated through specific paths, a lot of patience, the help of a professional and the desire to move in new and nourishing directions. The mental attitude of positive thinking must come from within and sometimes you have to go through forms of pain, you have to deal with fear and suffering, whether in love or on the career path. Thinking and the way we think affects destiny and undoubtedly an optimistic and proactive spirit helps better than a negative thought. A famous motto: “When I examine my methods of thinking, I conclude that the gift of imagination has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive thinking.” said by Albert Einstein.

We quote this sentence to make it clear that positive thinking does not have to be something disguised, fictitious, set. We must draw inspiration from our inner fantasy and from unthinkable ways as far as the rational and logical world is concerned. Sometimes creative thinking comes to our aid in ways we can’t even imagine. In summary, we can create the real we live in, so it would be better to do it by deciding to create something we like to live in, as valid for the environments as it is for the thoughts; in fact thoughts generate the environment in which we live.

Thinking without going into the loops

Some people find positive thinking is very difficult if we have had major setbacks. For example, if we have not given our best on an exam, we may begin to think that the same will happen in the future. Instead we should keep the mind clean and active and we should try to make a clean sweep of the past, of what we have created with our thoughts and of what we want in the future.

It takes an effort but if we start thinking positive we can improve memory and concentration, increase confidence, reduce stress, increase the level of motivation and constancy, enhance the way we are productive both in study and in work. than in sport. We must put energy to understand that every moment has its value and that the present allows us to constantly write our history, regardless of the events of the past.

5 tips

Sometimes we tend to think that positive thinking is a formalism, a kind of fictitious and constructed ways of being, but that is not the way it is. Positive thinking needs to be built day by day and requires a lot of attention and care. Let’s see five practical tips together to start thinking positive:

Formulate the affirmations

Formulating affirmations means creating sentences that adapt to what we recognize as a priority, to the things that are truly important to us according to the people we want to become. Formulating affirmations serves to give to others but above all to oneself the best possible version. Surely there are also tools that can be useful, such as subliminal videos that work on the unconscious through specific frequencies.

Understanding the goals

Defining goals does not mean removing strength from what we are experiencing in the present, on the contrary, it is about focusing moment by moment on what you want to do and how. The personal mission means understanding what our project-meaning consists of, where we are headed, how we want to get there, in what ways, with what foreseen times, with what spirit. This last factor should not be overlooked – the spirit – as it corresponds to fire, what animates us, what makes us alive and animated.

Select friendships

There are people who use, fill with words, with a certain emotional avarice and a certain amount of always active judgment. Some behaviors impoverish us and make us slaves and slaves of a form of identity in which we may not recognize ourselves. You should try to take stock of the people around you often, without controversy or fear, but only really wanting to see if you are gaining, balancing, losing in energy terms.

Don’t jump through hoops

Do not try to jump through hoops to recognize your worth, try to project your person into calm, still and still energies. Do not be afraid to expend your energy but do not go into effective dispersion. Recognize what your thinking, your emotional world is worth and pay attention to what matters. The dispersion could lead us to expectations or energy depletion and it would be good to avoid this type of trend, while maintaining a high and positive thrust instead.

Use your time nourishingly

Making time nutritious means glossing over things that have little deep value and realizing that time doesn’t have an infinite duration. You must try to make every moment nourishing, even trying to mark the time with small pleasant movements full of value and calm. Go for walks, prepare good food, learn something new, meet new people, open a new book and take care of the feelings and closeness with those who love us and we love.

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