This clever patent works like an eyelash lift for PLN 250. You will never use mascara again

This clever patent works like an eyelash lift for PLN 250.  You will never use mascara again

Long and beautiful eyelashes are a dream of many women. Costing only PLN 4, the product we are writing about gives an effect comparable to a professional eyelash lift for PLN 250. “I will not go back to using mascara” – many satisfied ladies confess. Check out the amazing trick from TikTok!

This clever patent works like an eyelash lift for PLN 250.  You will never use mascara again

Dreams of long and beautifully curled eyelashes are a frequent ambition of many women. Therefore, more and more often we decide on professional eyelash lifting treatments in beauty salons. However, these are not cheap, and their effect lasts an average of four weeks. Nevertheless, a person from the TikTok platform revealed a method for a cheap, home eyelash lift.

Eyelash lamination in a beauty salon? Thank you, I know a home remedy!

Is there a way to emphasize eyelashes without using mascara? It seems that is right! A certain TikTok user shared with others her method for beautifully curled eyelashes for only PLN 4. “I’m never going to wear mascara again,” she said. But how exactly do you perform this home treatment?

This method of home eyelash lifting is gaining popularity on TikTok. “I won’t go back to mascara” – her motto reads.

Jacqueline Kilikita is a well-known editor at He actively shares his insights and experiences on social media, primarily on Instagram and TikTok. From 2021, he presents his own series “In A Tik”, where he researches and evaluates various popular trends from TikTok every week. Her latest video, in which she tests a home eyelash lift for little money, has become a real hit on the web. Jacqueline shared her findings on the TikTok profile, which is followed by over 8,000 people.

The method costs only PLN 4 and gives eyelash lifting effects. What exactly does this home treatment look like?

To perform a home eyelash lift, you only need three products: an eyelash curler, a brush for combing eyelashes and petroleum jelly. The whole process takes a few moments and is extremely simple. Just put a little Vaseline on the eyelash curler, apply it to the eyelashes, press and gently comb the hair using a brush. And that’s all!

The results presented by the TikTok user are impressive. Her eyelashes are visibly curled and more visible. In the comments under the video, many Internet users praise this method and share their own experiences.

Vaseline for eyelashes. What are the benefits of using petroleum jelly for eyelashes?

Vaseline, when applied to eyelashes, makes them more nourished, healthy and thick. It works by regenerating their surface and creating a thin protective layer. Regular use brings many benefits:

  • eyelash tinting,
  • Increasing their volume,
  • acceleration of growth,
  • strengthening,
  • Adding shine and elasticity.

In addition, petroleum jelly protects eyelashes from damage. However, it is worth remembering that using it before applying the mascara may affect its durability. Nevertheless, it improves the application of the mascara, making the eyelashes look even better. For the best results, regular use is the key. The effects can be visible after a few weeks, but also after a few days. It is also important to ensure that the product does not cause eye irritation.