This coloring is the best for your health, according to 60 million consumers (less than 10 euros)

This coloring is the best for your health, according to 60 million consumers (less than 10 euros)

On the supermarket shelves, you don't know which coloring kit to turn to? 60 Million consumers voted for the best product to preserve your health.

Carrying out “home” coloring is not without risk: some kits contain chemicals likely to trigger allergic reactions. The good news ? The magazine “60 Million consumers” has found an affordable, effective color that poses few risks to health and the environment.

Products that are not “harmless”

It was in the May issue that the magazine scrutinized 12 hair dye products, mixing oxidation colorings and vegetable colorings.

The coverage (of white hair), the finish, the shine, the hold and the composition of the product were notably inspected, taking care to compare the same hair color – brown.

We tested them on strands of white hair, and evaluated the coverage, color payoff, shine, etc. and also the hold after 9 and 18 washes. And then we looked at the quality of the composition, in particular, with regard to the risk of allergic sensitization and endocrine disruption, by checking that the regulatory limits imposed for 4 ingredients were respected. And there were no unpleasant surprises.” reveals Adélaïde Robert, head of the Health Cosmetics section within the magazine 60 Millions de consommateurs, to our colleagues at Europe info.

If the products seem “less toxic than before“however they are not”harmless“, she assures.

The difficulty being to improve the security of compositions without impacting performance“, explains the section head.

The winning color costs €6.90

If the colorings sold in kits in supermarkets are not always very effective (at least, not as much as those done in salons), a “home” coloring seems to stand out from the others.

This is the product “Les Essentielles N°4 chestnut from Eugène Color”, which obtains the nice score of 14.4/20.

The top ranking in chestnut coloring is the product from the Les Essentielles range by Eugène Color in an oxidizing dye version and in a vegetable version it is a hazelnut brown dye from Khadi“, confirms Adélaïde Robert.

Indeed, among the panel of colorings tested, this is the only one to obtain the overall mention “very good” and it is also the most effective in all the required criteria (coverage, color tenacity, shine of colored hair, etc.).

You now know which hair product to choose!