This fresh dessert is a standing ovation

Summer calls for cold dishes and we from the kitchen answer like this: a raspberry cheesecake with flakes, very easy

Warm weather and cold sweets is a must. This is why the dessert that is most popular in the summer is there cheesecake, decorated with seasonal fruit. This time we prepare the raspberry cheesecake, made with spreadable cheesecream, butter, powdered sugar, lemon and digestive or shortbread biscuits.

Raspberries Cheescake


At the end of a meal or as a snack, that’s all we need to avoid the heat and do it with taste.

Raspberry cheesecake, the trick to a perfect dessert exists

An important trick to not work yours Raspberries Cheescake? Let’s decorate it only at the last and not before putting it to cool in the refrigerator, because otherwise we risk that the raspberries stain the base red.



300 g digestive biscuits or shortbread
150 g melted butter
800 g spreadable cheese
200 g powdered sugar
220 ml fresh cream
zest of 1 lemon
60 ml lemon juice
1 vanilla pod
1 sheet of gelatin
160 g raspberries
a few leaves of fresh mint


In a saucepan pour the cream together with the vanilla bean open in the second of the length to let out the seeds. Let it go for 10 minutes on low heat, it must not come to a boil. Then we turn off and let it cool.
Separately in a small bowl, dissolve the gelatin sheet with a little warm water. Then we pour the spreadable cheese (Philadelphia or other) and work it with an electric whisk at medium speed a few minutes to soften it by whipping it slightly. Let’s flavor

with icing sugar, il juice of one filtered lemon and finely grated lemon zest, being careful not to get the white part.
First add the cooled and filtered cream with a sieve, then also the melted gelatin and mix everything to mix.
In the jug of a mixer we whisk i Biscuits with the butter already melted, they will be the basis of our raspberry cheesecake. At that point, lightly grease the base of a 26 cm hinged pan, then cover the base and walls with greaseproof paper.
We distribute the base of biscuits and butter on the bottom evening it towards the edges. Then pour the creamy mixture into the pan evenly and then put them all in the fridge for 2 and a half hours.

Finally we take out the base of the cheesecake and move on to the garnish. We can put the raspberries in a circle in the external area, or starting from the center outwards, or in three rows, making room for the imagination. We finish with a few leaves of fresh mint and bring to the table.