This is the secret to making your children grow happy

This is the secret to making your children grow happy

Have you ever wondered? Photographer Niki Boon did it. and this is the result

How would your children grow away from technology? Tablets, smartphones, video games and television: in today's world, children, even the very small ones, deal with technology every day. These tools have become fundamental in everyday life and we are convinced that we cannot do without them. It is now normal to see the little ones playing with mom's cell phone, mastering the pc and spending hours in front of the TV. But what would a child's childhood be like if all this were not there?

This question was decided by Niki Boon, a well-known photographer born and raised in New Zealand, but above all a mother who decided to give her children a different childhood from all the others. Like? Abolishing technology and leaving them free to live in nature. The result was a photographic project entitled "Childhood in the Raw" which tells about this choice. In the black and white photos, the children are portrayed struggling with farm animals, vegetables from the garden to be collected and many games. The absence of electronic devices stimulates their imagination and pushes them to always look for something new and fun to do, between mud fights and dives in the sea.

"Wild and free", so Niki Boon describes her children, who do not have smartphones or tablets, but rubber boots, rag dolls and radiant smiles. In the photos, the children are happy and having fun, discovering the world around them without fear. According to the photographer, this lifestyle has made the little ones better, not only they are united with each other, but also much more serene. For the photographer, it is "a way of remembering the beauty and importance of small everyday things".

"At first, the photos were made for my children, for their memories and their albums – revealed the woman -. When I started sharing them on social media, many people wrote to me to tell me how they fit in with my photos, and they loved the sense of freedom, innocence and wonder they saw in the photos themselves … so it's nice to know that somehow that the others are also connected with them ”.

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