This little-known shampoo is the best you could ever want for your hair

There is one particular shampoo that is becoming more and more popular, especially for its beneficial effects.

Have you ever heard of shampoo bars? The latter are displacing the web, not only for their uniqueness but also for their high sustainability.

solid shampoo


In fact, compared to other types of shampoos, the bars are a greener option to wash your hair, while still managing to do everything normal shampoo does. They are also a great option if you are looking for a natural shampoo. But let’s find out together what exactly a shampoo bar is and above all how to use it.

The solid shampoo: more natural and sustainable

Shampoo bars are just the typical liquid shampoo, but in the form of a solid bar. They are a natural cleanser although the results depend on the hair type and their needs.

solid shampoo bars


However, usually solid shampoos they are better for health of one’s hair. They are usually made with more natural ingredients than liquid shampoo and therefore do not deprive the hair of healthy oils. But why are solid shampoo bars a more sustainable option than liquid shampoo? As you well know, liquid shampoos are usually contained in plastic bottles. If you switch to shampoo bars, it cuts down considerably the use of plastic. As for its use, there are two ways common to use a solid shampoo bar. You can rub it directly into your hair, or you can create a lather on your hands and use it to cleanse your hair. Either way, for best results, the hair needs to be well wet up to the roots.

If you choose the first method, you have to rub the bar directly on the scalp up to the ends of the hair with a light combing movement until a foam is formed. Then add the water as you go. It is important to rub from top to bottom with a straight combing motion to prevent the locks from tangling. So make sure you rinse carefully until there are no more residues. For the second method, you can use wet hands for create a foam and use the latter to wash your hair. Simply rub the lather into your scalp and length of your hair, as you would a traditional liquid shampoo. Again, make sure you rinse very well. With natural shampoo bars, you can wash your hair too everyday without drying or damaging the scalp or the hair itself.