This model of Jeans enhances and rounds any B-side, amazing

Jeans lato b

The jeans that enhance the b-side? It really exists, and it’s phenomenal! Plus, it’s great for all of us, regardless of our body shape! Find out in this style guide by CheDonna how to choose the right jeans for us!

Choosing the right jeans is always complicated, because each brand has its own fit, the sizes are not the same for all brands and therefore every time we have to buy a new jeans we get stressed as soon as we enter the store. From today all this will change, because ethere is a model of jeans that is perfect for everyone!

Side b jeans

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Who among us doesn’t have their favorite jeans? QWhat we keep in the closet as an oracle and that we decide to wear whenever we don’t feel comfortable or we need our look to make us feel at the top?

It is undeniable that jeans are by far the most used and loved garment by everyone, because they are comfortable, versatile and always trendy!

There are thousands of models on the market, and all are in step with the trends!

In particular, there is a perfect model of jeans to enhance our side b. Which? Let’s find out together!

The jeans to enhance side b is this: the bell model! Find out how to wear it!

Before going into the details of this style guide, a clarification: everything we wear must make us feel at the top, and therefore at ease. We choose our outfits thinking about who we are and what we like, without thinking too much about trends. Because the ultimate goal of fashion is just that, to love each other and feel beautiful through the looks we wear!

Side b jeans

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see iThe jeans that enhance our side b:

  • as you may have understood, the best model of jeans to enhance the b-side is the bell-shaped one, also called flare or boot cut. Specifically, it is a model of jeans that is tight on the leg and wide bell-shaped near the ankle
  • to enhance our b-side, however, it must also have a characteristic, namely that of being high-waisted
  • in fact the combination of the two characteristics makes the bell jeans to be the most chosen to enhance our curves.

But how does it work?

  • the high waist tends to slim the belly and hips. Covering the hips with long and wide sweaters only optically accentuates the shapes. So, we always choose high-waisted trousers.
  • the particular leg of this jeans, that is tight and then wide at the bottom, allows our legs to appear more elongated and to accentuate less culotte de cheval and low hips! By the way, do you want to look taller and more slender? Here’s what to do, it really works!

Side b jeans

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Here ends the trendiest style guide of all, the one with the license plate CheWoman who saw the flared jeans and all the secrets to enhance the b side!

See you next style guide! To stay up to date on all the news from the world of fashion, and more!

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