This week 3 signs will run out of money, problems in sight

According to astrologers, three signs will experience major financial problems this week. something is about to empty their pockets.

As often happens, life is full of unexpected events which are sometimes surprisingly pleasant and others can turn out to be anything but. According to the stars this week to three zodiac signs something extraordinary will happen that will affect their finances leaving them totally without a penny in their pocket.

November money problems signs

This week’s astrological forecasts are not very comforting for three natives of the Zodiac for whom they look forward very tough days from a financial point of view. With Jupiter retrograde these signs will live major economic concerns.

Here are what signs are going to have a financially awful week

Stars are able to predict many things by analyzing planetary movements. They recently predicted economic problems that will touch 3 signs from November 7 to 13, these signs they will have a hard time getting the scores right but fortunately, fate may have a backup plan in store for them.
The signs affected by this financial difficulty are:

November money problems signs


This period for Aries is not easy. After the lunar eclipse of November 8 and following the retrogradation of Jupiter, this fire sign usually very sure of itself, is asking many questions and is invaded by many doubts, feels that he has to make many decisions and is not sure about the da get yourself. The same is happening in the financial field. To avoid risks the stars advise this sign of do not make major purchases until November 13, no investments and no negotiations. Aries this week should just make do with what they have and save as much as they can.


The Cancer native is also grappling with doubt this week. This sign has trouble concentrating and he can’t get all his projects off the ground. This neglect is negatively affecting his finances. Most likely this sign also ventured with some spending too much and will have to take out a loan to get out of this situation. Cancer should learn to save more.


The third sign that he will experience financial difficulties this week is Leo. This sign likes to always be trendy and stylish and often spends more money than they could. In this period the Leo feels more than ever the need to show himself to his full potential and this has led him to indulge some excess too much. Leo needs to regain control of their financial situation and make a monthly spending plan and to adhere to it scrupulously. it is a necessary transformation in order not to be in the same situation every month.