Three reasons to pay attention to Nougatine Paris baby products

Three reasons to pay attention to Nougatine Paris baby products

Brand philosophy

Washing and moisturizing the skin are two rules that must be instilled in a child from childhood, so that later the skin can more easily adapt to adolescence with its problems. To attract children and make the skin care process entertaining, the French brand Nougatine Paris has developed products with interesting textures and delicious scents: cotton candy, vanilla with strawberries, chocolate with nuts, honey with vanilla, caramel and sweet apple. But the main thing is with effective formulas.

The creator of the brand was Caroline Plugeot, a chemical engineer with 26 years of experience in the cosmetics field and a mother who lacked baby products. Plugeot had been involved in research and development for brands such as Yves Saint Laurent Parfums, and had also headed cosmetics laboratories for a large chemical industry group, so she knew what formulas she needed for her new brand.

Nougatine Paris does not forget about the eco-agenda. The company has eliminated unnecessary cardboard packaging, and all bottles can be recycled. By the way, the vintage look of the tubes and jars is also designed to attract children’s attention.

All stages of production – from product creation to warehousing – take place in France, and it is not for nothing that the company was awarded the French Fab industrial award.

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When developing the formulas, the brand’s specialists focused on the characteristics of children’s skin, which, due to reduced sebum production and sensitivity to aggressive environmental factors, needs special protection. The Nougatine Paris brand, together with the biomedical research center, conducted research to obtain current data on all types of children’s skin and create formulas for universal care, regardless of the child’s nationality and place of residence.

The formulations do not contain essential oils, sulfated surfactants, silicones or alcohol. All formulas contain the Hydro Protect Bio complex, which creates a protective natural barrier for the skin and also moisturizes it. The complex contains four ingredients: sweet almond and macadamia oils, maple syrup and honey.

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The brand produces a variety of products for the face, body and hair. The “Home Line” of products is designed for children aged three years and older. There are several hits here.

  • Chantimousse Cleansing Foam with a cotton candy scent and a fun whipped cream texture. It gently cleanses the face with organic honey and maple syrup, which hydrate the skin and create a natural protective barrier.
  • Lip balm with Baume Bisous caramel flavor, enriched with organic honey and shea butter. It was specially created to restore and protect children’s lips.
  • Shower milk Chocomousse with the scent of chocolate and nuts, it cleanses the skin without drying it out.

The line for teenagers “Purity” (from ten years old) is designed for young people who are faced with the problems of puberty: the appearance of small blackheads, acne, enlarged pores, oily skin with shine. The products are aimed at gentle cleansing and matting. The line was so successful that it won the Innovation Award at Les Nouvelle Esthétiques.