Three signs that tell you that you are an exhausted mother

Three signs that tell you that you are an exhausted mother

Are you a stressed mom? These are the alarm bells that you absolutely must not overlook

Admitting being tired, exhausted and even a little stressed does not make us bad mothers and on the contrary, no child needs a perfect parenting model to inspire them.

This unhealthy belief that women are Wonder Woman came down to earth only adds to the expectations and workload at our expense. In fact, they say about us that we are multitasking, serial organizers and unlike the male counterpart, we manage to extricate ourselves from a thousand daily commitments between work, home and family.

But is it really so? We probably succeed, and we also know how to do it well, but the consequences are absolutely not to be overlooked. In fact, when we overload ourselves with commitments and responsibilities we can fall into the trap of parental burnout, the stress that, we now know, is not caused only by work.

The English term burnout refers to stress and the consequent psychological exhaustion that occurs when the person in question is exposed, for a long period, to a load of excessive responsibilities and commitments.

Usually, bornout syndrome refers to professional contexts, yet even a mother when she feels worn out by family obligations and expectations can collapse. The mechanism is more or less the same and is activated just when we ask our body, and our mind, too intense an effort.

However, there are some signs that we can learn to recognize before it is too late and take action to regain psycho-physical well-being.

Chronic fatigue is the first alarm bell. If despite the right hours of sleep we feel extremely tired and don't have the strength to do anything, maybe it's time to take a break.

The feeling of inability and inadequacy is the second sign that should not be overlooked. This makes us understand that we are really exhausted, to the point that we come to think that we are not good mothers.

Exhausted mothers also tend to distance themselves emotionally from their children, a protection that leads us to distance ourselves from our children to protect ourselves from fatigue or stress.

If we find ourselves in these symptoms, or in one of them, then we really need to stop for a moment and admit that we need a hand, a moment of detachment from everything to regain energy and vital force. Admitting that raising children, desired, wanted and loved, is tiring, it will not make us bad mothers.

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