Three tricks to try (alone) to feel sexier under the covers

come sentirsi sexy

How? How feeling sexier under the covers would primarily have to do with ourselves and not our partners? The answer is yes – here are the tricks you should try!

We all (or almost all) live a curious one dichotomy when it comes to intimacy.

how to feel sexy

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On the one hand, we are certain that we are there people more sensual of the world, there is no one more attractive than us. On the other hand, unfortunately, we often happen to feel particularly undesirable and this is also reflected in our intimate life.
Today we decided to propose three tricks to try alone to increase your sensuality: here are what they are!

How to feel sexier: three tricks to try on your own

Feel sexier it is something that everyone, some more and some less, want.

how to feel sexier

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It is useless to try to go around it so much: we are all constantly bombarded with images of perfect bodies and particularly satisfying intimate relationships.
Clearly, sooner or later, this bombing has effects on the our psyche and we wonder: “But how to feel sexier?”.

We have decided to propose three tricks to learn how to feel sexier while alone and that you can then

Did someone say lingerie?

Well yes, enough with there nudity!
(Of course we joke: get naked how and when you want and above all to feel sexier!).

We all probably underestimate the effect that a nice lingerie outfit can have on us specially designed for we.
You don’t have to worry about the size but just to find the perfect one for you: a two-piece, a lace bodysuit, a combo with a see-through dressing gown?
We can’t tell you what it is lingerie best for you but we invite you to try different types and, then, to do some tests in front of the mirror.

Making “semi” clothes love is a better way to hide those flaws that you think of having and that could bother you while making love and also to better develop your sensuality. Seeing is believing!

How to feel sexier? You have to “do it” … alone

Well yes, we are really advising you to get busy on your own, under the covers!
The more you indulge in self-eroticism, the easier it is feel excitedis to have wants to do the love and make both easier the arrival of a orgasm!

Obviously, getting busy alone also means using [email protected] toys, even if we do not recommend this one which is the most expensive in the world and is made entirely of diamonds!
In short, the idea is to do it as much as possible alone to know both what you like but also to develop yours [email protected] energy: we told you about it here and it is really important for living a healthy [email protected] life!

Get ideas!

A cliché has it that only men are interested in hardcore or adult films and, let’s face it, this is a cliché that has a little bit of truth.
After all, in fact, most adult content has one look predominantly male and uninteresting for female arousal!

This does not mean, however, that there are numerous contents also designed for female audiences or which, simply, can help you get into the mood.
The idea is to take a cue from the scenes that excited you the most to improve your sensuality!
You don’t have to replicate the scenes you see but just look the bodies of others and see the positions they use. They are not always glossy and perfect like in the most commercial TV series or movies and this can help you get in touch with your femininity, with the normality of the relationships intimate and also with your most sensual part.

Seeing is believing!

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