Thunderstorm asthma, what it is and its underlying causes

Thunderstorm asthma, what it is and its underlying causes

This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains when and why the risk of asthma attacks increases in the event of a storm

The term "thunderstorm asthma" was recently coined after scientists observed real micro epidemics of asthma attacks that were concentrated during and after storm events, in the flowering period of the most allergenic plants and in people who suffered especially of such allergies.

Who hits

In recent scientific literature cases of this type have also been reported in our country. Symptoms appear in allergic patients, especially to parietaria, grasses and olive trees. Sometimes these people are not affected by severe asthma, but mild and in any case not well controlled by therapy.

Therefore, the first point to highlight is to always define the therapy with your doctor and follow it well, therefore having the right adherence to the treatments.

The causes

In the case of thunderstorm asthma, the appearance of respiratory symptoms made the experts think that there was a sort of invisible breakdown of the pollen and that therefore the particles released inside them containing the allergenic molecules were able to enter more deeply into the airways. respiratory tract, causing asthma. Recent research has reproduced in the laboratory what happens to pollen in the event of a storm, confirming this hypothesis through molecular analysis.

With a thunderstorm the pollens break and form 2-4 micron fragments that contain the allergenic molecules and are able to penetrate more deeply into the respiratory tract due to their small size.

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