Thus, my daughter, I will pass on to you all that I know, all that I have

Thus, my daughter, I will pass on to you all that I know, all that I have

All this will one day belong to you so that you can be the protagonist of a gentle revolution, for a better world

As if I were a witch, one of the good and powerful ones, I will pass on to you everything I know, everything I have. And I'm not talking about a materially quantifiable dowry or how to organize the house and be a good wife no, my child will give you a treasure of inestimable value.

I will teach you to live in your woman's body, to gather the energies and the great power that lies within you. I will explain how to handle the whispers of the heart, the instincts and the words of your soul. I will teach you to listen to the world, the universe, to enter into communication with that intuition that, too many times, due to everything around, you will not be able to hear.

Because I already know that you will do great things. You will be the protagonist of that gentle revolution made by other women, a small and peaceful battle for fairness, to get everything you want, everything you dream of. And you will do it through the words and gestures that today belong to me, and tomorrow they will be yours.

As if it were an ancestral memory, which is preserved and preserved over the years, over the centuries to reach you, through me. So I will teach you everything I have understood about life, so that you can live it as intensely as possible, with courage and without ever giving up.

And to do this you will have to accept my teaching, you will have to make it yours to learn to know your essence, to recognize your value to listen to that voice that will explain your purpose in life, your vocation. This is my task my daughter, and I will carry it out with perseverance and tenacity so that you can be and become everything you have always dreamed of.

Beyond stereotypes and clichés, beyond all those impositions that a society that is still too masculine and patriarchal will try to dictate, you will inherit independence, strength and tenacity through me, and all those things that will transform you into a brave and rebellious woman.

You will understand that you have all the elements present in nature on your side, you will be generous like the earth, powerful like fire, wise like the wind and vital like water. I will help you so that that power that is hidden in you allows you to achieve everything you want, a guiding light that will support you when everything around collapses.

I will pass on to you that knowledge that you will one day use to teach your daughter what I am teaching you, to pass the baton, to create a better world for all future generations.

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