Thyme oil to protect the heart and prevent infections

Thyme oil to protect the heart and prevent infections

Known for its effectiveness as a food preservative, it has beneficial properties for health that it is useful to know

Thyme oil, often used to prevent food deterioration, is characterized by health benefits that should be known. Before getting to the heart, let's remember the presence of some important natural compounds. In this category it is possible to mention carvacrol, cymophenol that we can also find in oregano, but also thymol, monoterpenic phenol, linalool and cineol.

When it comes to the properties of thyme oil applied to human well-being, it is possible to recall the studies that have deepened the cardioprotective properties of one of the compounds just listed, namely carvacrol, Among these it is possible to mention a research work dating back to 2010 and led by an active team at Nara Women's University in Nara (Japan).

Published on the pages of the Journal of Lipid Research, it has allowed us to discover the capacity of essential oil of thyme – but also of those obtained from cloves, bergamot, eucalyptus and fennel – to inhibit the activity of cyclooxygenase-2, enzyme that plays a key role in inflammation and circulatory homeostasis, with significant risks for heart health.

The reasons why thyme oil has long been the focus of scientific attention do not end here! To mention, for example, are its effects on respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold. Even at this juncture it is possible to call into question various scientific proofs. Among these we find a Polish study published in 2016.

The experts who conducted it focused on the effects of thyme and primrose extracts on cough, among the characteristic symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Specifically, they monitored the effectiveness of this mix integrated with thymol, comparing it with synthetic ambroxol, a mucolytic agent widely used in the treatment of respiratory diseases. At follow up, it was possible to notice equal efficacy between the two solutions.

Considered a valuable natural ally of oral health, thyme oil must be taken taking certain precautions into account. First of all, it is good to avoid it in case of mint allergy. In addition, it is useful to recall some possible adverse reactions, such as conjunctivitis, asthma and the onset of headache. Before starting to use it, it is obviously advisable to seek advice from your doctor.

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