Thyroid, cold can be a symptom. And what to do in pregnancy

Thyroid, cold can be a symptom. And what to do in pregnancy

When you often suffer from the cold, the problem can be linked to hypothyroidism. This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains what to do

If you suffer particularly from the cold, feel tired and have gained a few extra pounds, maybe it's time to check your thyroid.

Cold and hypothyroidism

First of all, you can do the TSH test through a blood sample. This gives the doctor an initial data to assess the situation. When you suffer a lot and often from the cold, the problem can be linked above all to hypothyroidism. In women the picture is present on average four or five times more than in male peers.

In pregnancy and after childbirth

Often these situations do not create any problems, but particular attention must be paid especially during pregnancy. And it is also important to precisely define the situation in anticipation of a sweet expectation because an optimal compensation for maternal hypothyroidism is necessary and fundamental for the development of the fetus.

The moment of pregnancy and the period following childbirth must also be followed carefully on the pregnant mother's side because autoimmune phenomena may occur, that is, the body's production of "wrong" antibodies. And these auto-antibodies sometimes trigger against thyroid cells.

This picture can have a rapid course and develop on average from 4 to 12 months after childbirth, it involves a process of damage to the thyroid tissue by the person's own immune system. In this case, however, the phenomenon leads to the release of the thyroid hormone and therefore to a potentially opposite situation compared to the one we saw earlier. There may be fatigue but also agitation and a heart pounding in the throat.

In general, however, this situation can really follow a picture of hypothyroidism which, however, is often only transitory and can remain in some cases. It is therefore complex to understand what happens to the thyroid, which is why the doctor must always make the diagnosis and understand how to behave.

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