Tiffany & Co.'s first men's engagement ring

Tiffany & Co.'s first men's engagement ring

The Charles Tiffany Setting: the first men's engagement ring by Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. has a fantastic new feature for this spring: The Charles Tiffany Setting, its first men's engagement ring.
This is a good sign from the historic New York company that launches a jewel inspired by the iconic Tiffany® Setting, the women's solitaire engagement ring.
The name Charles derives from the homonymous founder of the company known throughout the world for its romantic jewels.

The Charles Tiffany Setting - with diamond

The Charles Tiffany Setting is inspired by the iconic women's solitaire engagement ring

The Charles Tiffany Setting features a body in platinum or titanium, with square, almost architectural shapes, suitable for the modern man who does not give up on elegance. The real protagonist of the jewel, however, is the central solitaire, faceted, showy and with an emerald cut.

Alternatively, a version of the Charles Tiffany Setting with a brilliant cut diamond will also be available, set in a thin frame, more similar to the classic Tiffany Setting, but with a vigorous and classy appearance.

As always, Tiffany & Co. once again reveals itself to be transparent about the origin of the diamonds: it is in fact the only house that allows the customer to have information on the traceability of each individually registered diamond.
Those who buy a Tiffany & Co. ring will be able to find out on the Tiffany Diamond Certificate the origins of their diamond, where it was cut, polished and mounted.

The Tiffany & Co. ring

The Charles Tiffany Setting, platinum and titanium together with the diamond

The first edition of the Charles Tiffany Setting will be available with brilliant-cut and emerald-cut diamonds up to 5 carats from May 2021.

It is not just the launch of a new product with a unique character, but also a new opening of the company to modernity, to new ways of communicating love and commitment in the couple.

Tiffany & Co. therefore opens up to new traditions to celebrate love, but always through a product that maintains the characteristics of a handcrafted jewel, with attention to the smallest details and iconic shapes.

An extraordinary central solitaire

The ring will be available with brilliant-cut and emerald-cut diamonds up to 5 carats

Time passes and the ways of telling love stories change. Tiffany & Co. has been able to keep up with progress and launch an inclusive and innovative product. Thus, couples will be able to show off jewels of infinite beauty on their hands, hers and, from May, also him.

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